November 1, 2019

Holiday Ready: Carmindy Beauty 5 Minute Face




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Hands up if you ever watched TLC’s “What Not To Wear?” I was a big time fan of this makeover show back in the day. Besides the amazing transformations the participants would go through with their wardrobe and hairstyle, adding the perfect makeup to their new look was ultimately the best part. The lady responsible for those makeovers was Carmindy, a professional makeup artist based in NYC.

As a long time fan of hers, I was so excited when she immediately emailed me back regarding the idea of going to makeup school – way back in the beginning of 2010. She gave me the little push I needed to actually go through with it. Fast forward almost a decade and Carmindy is now a full fledged brand, working with companies like QVC to bring her products to the masses.

Thanks to fellow beauty blogger Caralyn Mirand’s recommendation, Carmindy’s line of makeup from QVC is now on our radar. We are certainly sold on everything that comes in her collection – that’s probably because it’s filled with simple products that enhance your natural beauty. As Carmindy states herself, “Welcome to stress-free beauty. I am taking the guess work out of it and streamlining your life creating, a numbered systems for your fundamental basic makeup wardrobe. You’ll look polished, painted. This is the natural look alternative.”

Step up your holiday makeup game with Carmindy Beauty Holiday 5 Minute Face collection. Not only does this fun kit come with an adorable metallic makeup bag but it’s the perfect combination of everything you’ll need to look your best during the hectic holiday season. Here’s what it includes:

  • Carmindizing Highlighter in Ethereal
  • Into It Eyeliner in Espresso
  • I Got You Mascara in Black Onyx
  • At First Blush in Lovestruck Rose
  • Universal Love Lipstick in Perfect Rose
  • Double-ended highlight brush
  • Makeup bag

The verdict? We are obsessed!

The I Got You Mascara: Phenomenal for everyday wear – the bristles are straight and tight, making it easy to grasp every lash and the formula isn’t too thick or clumpy.

The Universal Love Lipstick: It’s the right shade of rose and it will definitely add the perfect amount of pop to any colored lips.

The Into It Eyeliner: We’re definitely “into it!” It’s soft yet smudgeable – always the ideal combination!

The At First Blush: You’ll want to squeeze those cheeks thanks to this peachy hue.

The Ethereal Highlighter: Talk about “va-va-voom” glamour without looking like a disco ball.

Basically, these are the five products you would throw into your purse to ensure that you look as fresh faced at 11pm as you did at 11am. New to QVC? Use the code: TAKE5 to get $5 off your first purchase!

The best part about Carmindy is that she truly makes you feel like a friend. And friends share their favorite tips, right? Make sure to follow her on IG at @CarmindyBeauty to get your daily beauty tip. And don’t forget to share your experience with the hashtag #carmindized!

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