October 29, 2019

Gal Meets Glam Coats: Interview with Julia Engel




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It’s been incredible to watch Julia Engel’s Gal Meets Glam journey – from blogger to mega influencer to fashion powerhouse – so we were psyched to learn that she was launching a line dedicated to #allthingscoats. Framed around her brand colors of soft pinks and lovely pastels, this first coat collection feels like everything Julia herself embodies: sweet femininity mixed with pops of thoughtful details like scalloped hemlines and pleated pockets.

We spoke with Julia at the NYC launch party for her GMG Coat collection and here’s what she had to say about creating these one-of-a-kind pieces.

GMG Collection Launch Party, October 15, 2019
(Left to Right: Carly Petrone, Melanie Sutrathada, Caralyn Mirand, Clarissa Mauer)
(All 📷 Credits: Gal Meets Glam)

POTR: Congratulations on this beautiful coat collection! What was your inspiration behind it?

GMG: This collection stemmed from our brand’s core colors. Everyone is doing deeper richer colors for fall and winter and we wanted to be bright and fresh and stand out. The collection is made up of the coats that I’ve always wanted that I can’t find on the market.

POTR: How did you decide to go into the coat category?

GMG: Last year as we were launching our first collection, we were planning on developing more than just dresses. I wanted to be very specific about each category we go into. To me coats are that one piece, that next step for our customer to buy. Maybe she likes jeans and would like to have a piece that she can wear with her casual outfits.

POTR: It’s always so hard to find a coat that works well with a dress.

GMG: I personally love coats so much. It’s a hard balance to find ones that aren’t too dressy but not too casual. When you have something in between those two, it’s hard to find something. I also love dress coats -coats that kind of look like dresses when you button them all the way up. We had a lot of vintage inspiration in all of the designs. It was probably one of the most fun collections b/c it stemmed from beautiful vintage looks.

POTR: Congratulations on the birth of your baby, Clementine! Would you ever branch out to do a line of baby clothing?

GMG: I want to. It’s a whole different game with sampling and production and fabrics that you can use. We’re looking into a few mommy and me pieces for next year. We have some dresses that’ll be launching in spring which we could scale down to smaller sizes but we’ll see. Each thing seems like an easy addition but there’s so much that goes into the pattern making.

POTR: Speaking of pattern making, you have so many dress styles that are all so unique. How do you come up with so many ideas?

GMG: We see what did well and bring it to life in different ways. We’ll take off a sleeve and add a different waist. We’ll go from solid to printed, take a crepe dress and make it cotton.

POTR: We love the Jasmine Dress. It’s our favorite!

GMG: She [the Jasmine dress] inspired a lot of new dresses for resort and spring b/c that was our easier dress to wear. The body is really comfortable, an empire waist. So many more dresses like that are coming. Those are my favorites. They’re all I want to keep reaching for all summer.

POTR: You really are such an inspiration for so many women out there. It’s been so amazing to watch your evolution.

GMG: It’s sort of wild to think of where we were. I started a blog in college b/c I didn’t know what I wanted to do. It’s amazing what you can build with a community and how they will follow and support you. We have products but if that went away, we still have our community. That’s so amazing to think about. We’ve been able to lead them to follow the brand which is so special.

POTR: What’s the most valuable thing that differentiates you from other brands?

GMG: Anybody can make something and stick their name on it. It’s our community. They probably support other brands and services but they’re there for us, buying our products, and contributing and we have a relationship. We listen to our customers so much b/c we want to create what they want at the end of the day.

What we’re saying is, skip the typical black coat this year and opt to splurge on one of these pretty designs instead (available at GMG Collection and Nordstrom). Here are five of our favorites.

Annelise Plaid Hooded Coat ($450)

Swoon! This adorable A-line hooded plaid coat makes us feel like a kid again while keeping us safe from the elements thanks to its warm wool blend (and check out those highly polished toggles!).

Eloise Check Coat with Faux Fur Trim ($360)

This versatile coat comes with removable faux fur trim so you can amp up the cuteness factor according to how you’re feeling that day. Tortoise shell buttons and a charming checkered wool blend pattern make this a must-have for winter.

Emilia Coat in Mauve ($320)

This classy coat is cute as a button thanks to its ruffle sleeves, pleated pockets, and, you called it, monochromatic buttons. If you’re in the market for a holiday coat, this one also comes in a fiery Valentine red. Za za zing!

Willa Teddy Bear Coat ($190)

Bring on the cuddles with this comfy coat! This soft little number has an oversized collar and roomy pockets so you can snuggle up in style. This one also comes in ivory, which means you have to keep it clean but it certain pops in a sea of your fellow dull coated patrons.

Aubrey Scalloped Houndstooth Check Coat ($380)

We actually love this coat unbuttoned as much we love it closed. The scalloped details along the hem and the short length make it an eye catching staple. The fine houndstooth pattern may look retro but it feels refreshing and modern.

Launch Party!

(Of course, I’m the one stuffing my face and holding champagne on the far right)
Sneak Peek of GMG Holiday Dresses & Julia’s Sister, Lauren, Painted Watercolor Portraits

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