October 1, 2019

Belvedere, My Dear: 6 Recipes To Celebrate National Vodka Day


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Who’s ready to celebrate National Vodka Day on October 4th? The folks from Belvedere Vodka are certainly ready to party, with a little help from renowned wellness chef Candice Kumai. She’s whipped up several recipes that you can sip on in the morning, noon, or night. Belvedere is crafted from 100% Polska rye and pristine water from their own natural well, which means it is also all natural and contains zero additives or added sugar. The best part? These cocktails are mixed with other all-natural ingredients like Matcha tea, carrot juice, Kombucha, and honey. Yum! And of course, it wouldn’t be a complete recipe set without their ever-popular Belvedere Famed Classic Martini added in for good measure. So stock up your bar and get ready for a Friday Funday that might just last all weekend long!

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