September 23, 2019

Cozy Home 101: 10 Favorite Fall Finds


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Happy first day of fall, y’all! It’s hard to believe that summer has officially ended and the days of crisp weather and pumpkin spiced everything is upon us. How do you encapsulate the feeling of fall into your home? We’ve narrowed down our 10 favorite finds – from personalized pumpkins and decorative baskets to chunky knit blankets and rich floral shower curtains – to get you all cozied up. If you don’t feel like booking a trip to go apple picking, hay riding, or leaf peeping after reading this post, we don’t know what to tell you. 🍁

Dried Wheat Wreath – $44.99

Who needs a cheesy holiday wreath when Smith & Hawken™ for Target makes this gorgeous Dried Wheat version? This unique hanging goodie features an arrangement of dried wheat, twig and wire – so basically it’s like going to a pumpkin patch but without all the hassle. The best part? You don’t have to worry about it drying out!

Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Candle – $16

Everyone’s favorite Anthro candle line, Capri Blue, has come out with the ultimate fall-scented candle: Pumpkin Clove. I mean, could this be a more perfect pairing? Light up this lovely wick and make your neighbors jealous. Are you making pumpkin soup or mulled wine? They’ll never know 😉

Candlewick Pillow Covers – $39-$44

These textured pillows are the answer to your neutral palette problems. They’re effortlessly chic yet fun and decorative thanks to their playful pom pom pattern. Plus, West Elm offers you both 12′ x 21′ and 24′ x 24′ covers so you can mix your pillow shapes against your couch or bedding – something we’re still figuring out how to master!

Personalized Pumpkin – $8

Who says you have to actually carve a pumpkin to be festive this Halloween? Hop over to Etsy and let the artists over at EtchCraft make a fun personalized decal for you! No messy seeds to deal with and no sharp knives required 😉 At just $8 a pop, you can even give some of these out as a little pre-holiday gift for your friends and family. Score!

Rough Yarn Chunky Knit Blanket – $51.30

Speaking of Etsy, you can wrap yourself up in a giant hand-sewn chunky knit blanket this fall thanks to the crafty folks over at Plaida. Grab your favorite color (they have over 43 beautiful hues to choose from!) and get ready for the ultimate snugglefest. Heat up a cup of hot cocoa or cider on a cool day and enjoy your own personal cocoon of warmth.

Velvet Pleated Round Pouf Ottoman – $199

Attention Walmart Shoppers: Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home Collection has an exclusive line at Walmart and we’re here for it. We actually fell in love with her products when we spruced up our bathroom with this colorful Batik Star printed shower curtain. The above made-to-order pouf will perk up any living room without taking up a lot of space. Choose from this fall-favorite peach hue, a rich gold, or a fun peacock blue. Your bum will thank you later!

Agneta Shower Curtain – $88

Since we’re on the shower curtain topic, if you feel like splurging on a bathroom accessory that will put a smile to your face every day, look no further than Anthropologie. This striking floral design is a bit of a splurge, but if it puts you in a good mood every morning, we think it’s definitely worth it.

Tassel White Prayer Beads – $14.95

Okay, these prayer beads might seem like a really random purchase but this simple, trendy, feel good home accessory looks great on a coffee table, draped over books or cushions, in a bowl, or on a vanity. We’re always obsessed with things from The Cross Decor & Design, a Canadian favorite of our go-to gal, Jillian Harris. Made from paulownia wood with jute rope tassels, this beautiful accessory brings a bit of spiritual wellness to you home – who wouldn’t want that (well, I guess an atheist, but whatever).

Decorative Basket White – $26.99

Storage just got cuter thanks to these adorable baskets from Threshold (okay, Target, just take all my money now). Throw your kids’ toys in there, fold up unused blankets, or stack up your magazines – really whatever knicknacks you need to hide! Made from durable water hyacinth, this decorative basket ensures long-lasting beauty and brings natural texture to your space.

Poetry Fireplace Match Bottle – $46

This is not only a fire starter but a conversation starter! We’ve always been fans of Skeem Design’s match bottles but this poetry themed version has us quoting Keats. Ok, it’s actually it’s a wonderful poem by Sean Kearney:

Nothing becomes familiar in the dark.
So be a flame. Be a flame, if only to evidence
time’s metronome, reacting to invisible tides, 
leaning to the whims of any breeze of gravity. 
Be a flame even if, and maybe especially, 
if there are none. Be a flame even if only to 
paint gold the faces of those who are closest. 
Alight, our chests rise and fall the same. 
Be a flame or at least be its student. 
Learn the smoke: dissipate from the crown 
of your head, fold your visible light
and float upward.

These are technically supposed to be used to light fireplaces (hence why they are so long at 10 1/2″ high x 3″ wide) but we think they’re a great piece of decor you can set on your coffee table or along your mantel for when you actually do end up lighting a fire.

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