May 11, 2019

Pretty Easter: Gin & Tonic Punch




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Psst! I’ve got a secret: I’ve found the perfectly purple spring cocktail.

Thanks to the lovely Sugar & Charm blog (my go-to for party planning tips), I came across this fun and flirty recipe for Lavender Gin & Tonic Punch. I don’t normally like lavender as an edible flavor but it’s surprisingly delicious mixed in with gin, tonic, and lime. Plus, it’s stewed with tea so it makes it light, not overpowering.

So, what’s the trick to creating the unique color for this cocktail? Infusing lime juice with Butterfly Pea Tea! This specific tea (made from blue Butterfly Pea Flowers) changes colors based on the pH of whatever it’s mixed with. For example, when it’s mixed with an acid like citrus it will turn purple. When it’s by itself, steeped in hot water it’s blue. Once the citrus juice and dried tea soak together for about an hour you can pour it through a mesh strainer – setting the now purple juice aside for later.

Next up? Take your gin and leave it overnight in a bath of lavender. If you’re running low on time you can do this in as little as 5 hours – just make sure the gin is flavored enough. Again, pour it through a mesh strainer and keep the gin. Not sure what you’ll want to do with the gin-soaked lavender but that’s up to you!

When you’re ready to assemble all you have to do it get a serving bowl, add ice (original recipe called for crushed ice but I used oversized cubes), cut up a lime, and mix all the ingredients together.

Pour this beautiful cocktail into a coupe glass, add a stem of dried lavender, and garnish with a slice of lime for some extra flavor (and to make that Instagram pic pop, of course).

Stock up your bar because your next soiree is sure to be a hit thanks to this lavender concoction – but beware – it’ll get you tipsy fast!

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