January 24, 2018

Get Tipsy (Scoop) This Valentine’s Day




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Champagne. chocolate. strawberries.

I’ll take all three, please. Yes, February 14th may be a day for lovers but you know what else it is? IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! (Cue cupid – I’d like to personally thank him for conveniently missing the mark every year). That’s okay, because who doesn’t like to start the day out with some bubbly? #ipouritinmycereal. Lucky for me the fine folks over at Tipsy Scoop have invented an even better birthday breakfast (okay, more like lunch) by creating a fun and festive ice cream sundae based on these three ingredients. Whether you’re single, engaged, married, divorced, or part of a we’re-still-not-quite-sure-what-we-are kind of couple, this sweet treat will certainly put a smile on your face. POTR sat down with Tipsy Scoop owner, Melissa Tavss, to go over what exactly is in this delicious dark chocolate-lined sundae as well as how and when we can get our hands on it. Hint: It starts in February. 💝

Keep scrolling to read all about Melissa’s journey to becoming one of NYC’s most recognizable brands! 


1. Most memorable event you’ve worked at with Tipsy Scoop cart?

We recently did an event with Guinness where we made liquid Nitrogen boozy ice cream on the spot! We poured the Guinness in right there and made a chocolate salty caramel Guinness ice cream. It was cool for guests to be able to see there was actually liquor/beer added in there!

2. Did you think Tipsy Scoop would be as successful as it is?

When I first started, it was more of a fun hobby that I wanted to see how people reacted to… if they liked the ice cream and thought the concept was interesting. Once the Barlour opened last May, I was incredibly overwhelmed by the response – I didn’t think we had that many fans!

3. What have you learned the most as an entrepreneur over the last few years?

I have learned to be persistent when things feel really impossible.

4. Any surprising flavor combos?

Tequila Mexican “Hot” Chocolate was a surprising one. It’s cinnamon-y, a little spicy, chocolatey and has tequila! But works really well together and is a pretty dynamic flavor.

5. What’s next for Tipsy Scoop?

Lots of big things coming up – but we cannot tell you everything! stay tuned!

6. Favorite cocktail?

Right now, I am obsessed with Gin Brambles!

7. Favorite restaurant in NYC?

Maya or Sushi Seki.

8. What beauty products can you not live without?

Chapstick and I do the individual fake eyelashes – those are the best 🙂

9. Any plans for Valentine’s Day?

Working then dinner at Upland with my husband Blake!

10. TV show you’re currently binging?


Speaking of Valentine’s Day, who’s ready to eat their feelings (good and bad)? Stop by Tipsy Scoop on Monday, February 12th for a special Galentine’s Ice Cream Happy Hour! Melissa and crew will be there serving up ice cream scoops, floats, DIY sundaes, and tasty bites. Celebrate with your Valentine or toast to finding one starting at 5 p.m. Tickets are $35 and include:

  • DIY boozy ice cream sundae bar with Valentines candies, toppings, and treats
  • Variety of boozy ice cream scoops (up to 4 scoops per person)
  • Appetizers and tasty bites
  • Raffle ticket to enter to win a Prosecco pong kit and Tipsy Scoop gift card ($50)
  • PLUS two take home pints (flavors of your choice) in Tipsy Scoop insulated cooler tote bag

Get #icecreamwasted on Instagram @tipsyscoop!

Tipsy Scoop
217 E. 26th St. 

New York, NY 10010

*Can’t make it into the store? They ship nationwide so you can get tipsy too!

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