April 9, 2017

What Could Go Wrong? RHONY Is Back!




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There’s a #newgirl in town this season.

It’s hard to believe that we were introduced to the Real Housewives of New York nine years ago. Luann was a Countess, the little girl in Bethenny’s life was her dog Cookie, and Ramona was still married to Mario. Fast forward to 2017 and we’ve got a wedding, a billionairess, and a very single Ramona who’s ready to date every guy in Manhattan. Over the years, we’ve been introduced to the adorable Carole Radziwill, the fun-loving Dorinda Medley, and the always-feisty Sonja Morgan. And this year we will meet socialite-turned-bad-girl Tinsley Mortimer (who remembers Dior’s pink lipgloss shade that was named after her?).

So, what do we know about this season that’s sure to wow audiences? I attended the RHONY Premiere party at The Attic last week, and here’s what the ladies had to share:

Carole on what she brings to the show this season:

“We’re not really known for politics but I brought a bit of that to the group this season. We were sort of building around the election and it was the only thing I was interested in talking about.”

Carol on her beau, Chef Adam Kenworthy:

“You’ll see we’re shacking up (not living together, that’s too goal oriented). We’re having a good time. It’s been 2 1/2 years. Who would have thought?! You’re still around? We have a lot in common. The only thing we don’t have in common is our generation. He has the top five things that I look for in a partner and age is not in the top 5 so I’m good.”

Carole on her friendship with Bethenny Frankel:

“We’re great. We are like ride or die. She’s a great person – really solid. She has your back and also going through this process together, it brings you closer.”

Luann on her favorite part about her New Year’s Eve wedding to fiance Tom D’Agostino:

“It’s a toss up between watching my kids come down the aisle (they’re 22 and 29) that was incredible. My mom was there who is 88. That and the day, the glam day. Having all the bridesmaids getting all glammed up was so much fun. We spent the day together. It was incredible. It was magic.”

Luann on how she spent this season:

“It starts out from last season like are you sure [re: marrying Tom]? I’m like, ‘Girls, I ‘m a grown woman. Thank you very much. We’re happy just relax.’ I spent a lot of time comforting them and I’m fine. I know my man and I got the gold medal. It’s like doing a gymnastics meet. I do the balancing beam, the floor routine, the parallel bars, and my dismount is great. I’ve got the gold.”

Sonja on this season and her friendship with newbie Tinsley Mortimer:

“We have a Mad Hatter Tea Party for Tinsley, who doesn’t even RSVP to her own party! Tinsley and I are like sisters. Have you been watching Schitt’s Creek? I am the pansexual brother and she’s the sister. She’s homeless living in my house.”

Sonja on what to expect from the ladies this season:

“You’re gonna see dates, double dates with Ramona, Luann trying to patch things up, connecting with me again. I’m smart enough to stick up for myself and I give a shit. You know, through all these fights we’ve become closer. We go through these things but we’re closer after.”

Ramona on her favorite parts about season 9:

“I loved entertaining at my home in the Hamptons for dinner, except for when Sonja and Dorinda went at it. It was embarrassing. We all went on a last trip to a really special location and while Bethenny and I are having a serious talk, she was butt ass naked! It was like the one of the most intense situations probably in all of the years I’ve been on. The most intense situation with any housewife and she was butt ass naked!”

Ramona on her relationship with daughter Avery:

“Avery, she came home for winter break and we filmed and had fun. We dress alike, we have the same taste! One night I go out with her and her girlfriends. She’s not just my daughter now. We are friends. Her friends hang out with me. My relationship with her has evolved. She was 12 years old when we started and we used to go get manicures and now she’s 21 and drinks and hangs out and we’re having fun.”

Dorinda on who her biggest ally is this season:

“I’d probably say Carol. It’s my husband’s 5th year anniversary of his death. We really bonded. We share something really sad and important.”

Dorinda on what to expect this season:

“It’s lighter. You’re gonna fall back in love with us. We’re really not just housewives. It shows more this year which I think we all really like.”

So, make sure to set your DVR’s for Wednesdays at 9 p.m. because this season sounds fiery. But would we really expect anything else from the group that calls the Big Apple their playground? Tune in on Bravo!

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