March 4, 2016

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You have no idea what you’re smelling when you go wine tasting? 

Hints of vanilla? Or peach? What about oak or pepper? This is when I just stare at the people around me for clues. As soon as one person coughs up an idea I just yell it out twice as loudly – it’s been a pretty good tactic so far. Then I met Kelly Jones, the creator of Kelly & Jones Eau de Parfum, and I knew we would not only become fast friends but that she could understand why so many people have a hard time distinguishing between certain notes in wine. She decided to do something about it. After a winery visit mishap, an idea sparked that led her to create a line of fragrances that enhances the nuances of both wine and perfume. I was lucky enough to sit down with Kelly over mussels (and a little vino, of course) at our local neighborhood tapas bar, Peque, to gab about these fun and flirty bottles that are so much more than just perfume. 

What’s your background and how did you get started with Kelly & Jones?

I took a crazy and unconventional path into the world of fragrance by simply following my nose down the rabbit hole. I grew up in Detroit and worked for quite some time in the auto industry. I know perfume sounds so feminine, but I’m a real gear head and love playing with cars. I was climbing the corporate ladder in the auto world and loved my job, but something was missing for me – I needed something in my life to express more creativity, sensuality and surprise. I started studying aromatherapy and fragrance after being inspired by cherry blossoms during a business trip t Japan. After a year, my night owl passion turned into a business plan, and I took the scary but exhilarating leap from the corporate world to go open a scent bar and my own fragrance business. 

My idea for the wine perfumes was also born out of that chapter, while I was studying fragrance and making custom scents, I got yelled at during a wine tasting for wearing perfume. But I loved how my fragrance smelled with the wine, so I decided to break the rules and design a collection that would pair with my favorite varietals. 

Can you talk about your new Reserve line of fragrances? How is it different than your Notes of Wine Collection?

The Reserve Collection will launch this Spring; I’ve been working on it for almost a year. It will embrace the most exquisite ingredients in perfumery, the highest quality materials, all in a non-alcohol grape seed oil base. Like a “Reserve” bottle of wine – these fragrances will celebrate the best essences of the brand’s story. Think of the Notes of Wine Collection as your everyday fragrance – and the Reserve as an extra special bottle that will take the senses to a whole new realm. 

What’s your favorite scent that you’ve created?

The Notes of Chardonnay has always been my favorite – especially since that is the first blend I created, after I was reprimanded for wearing a vanilla fragrance at that Chardonnay wine tasting. It’s a sensual fragrance that is a California vineyard in a bottle – notes of honeydew, toasted oak, vanilla blossom and creme brûlée. 

What is it about wine & perfume pairings that you love so much?

I love it when I’m at a wine tasting and we pair the perfumes with the aromas in the glass. That moment when someone lights up and their senses start noticing things that they may have missed without tuning in their nose and comparing the fragrance to the wine. That moment when someone really stops to savor all the nuances of the senses, all through the scent of the perfume and the taste of the wine. 

How dID you come up with the copy & packaging?

The tagline is “What’s Your Pairing?” because as I mentioned above, my passion is to simply awaken the senses and encourage wine drinkers to use their senses in an all-new way. The logo is a splash of wine – but it can also be interpreted as a petal of a flower. It’s whatever YOU taste and sense and smell. It’s about breaking the rules of wine and perfume! And each of the fragrances has a story entwined with some of my own experiences of sipping wine, and falling in love, in NYC. 


Follow Kelly on Twitter at @kellyandjones & on Instagram at @kellyandjones

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