How legit is Carly?

With more than seven years writing professionally about the best New York City has to offer, Carly feels like she's up to par. If you don't believe her, you can challenge her to a duel. 

What's Carly's background?

Carly grew up in sunny California but traded in her flip flops for some snow shoes back in 2009. Ninety percent of the reason she moved to NYC was because of SNL (you may find her standing outside of 30 Rock at 1 a.m. on Saturday nights just to stalk the host). She lives in Harlem and frequently lies to her roommates about going on a jog through Central Park - she really just briskly walks and stops at all of the food vendors before hitching a ride back on the subway. #arunnerslife

What's Carly's guilty pleasure?

Carly admits to eating three ice cream cones in one day. But it was National Ice Cream Day so it doesn't really count. 🍦


What are Carly's nicknames?

Thanks for asking. They're as follows: Pony, Petrony Pony, Ponio, Cur, Carlos Santana, Carly Cakes, Carls, Carlita.

Does Carly drink caffeine?

Carly is the only person in New York City who doesn't drink caffeine. She gets formal complaints from baristas on a daily basis and grows furiously impatient with the fact that she must pay for a decaf Americano when a normal drip coffee costs $2 less. 

Carly's best memory?

Once upon a time, a long time ago (when Oprah still had her own show), Carly was asked by O herself to conquer her fear of flying by piloting a bi-plane with the number one stunt pilot in the world. She got to Skype into the show and nervously babble about how much fun it was when really all she wanted to do was reach out across the interwebs and give Ms. Winfrey the longest hug ever. #4pmhasneverbeenthesame