Guest Blog Post: Robin Gelfenbien


Meet Robin Gelfenbien.

She's my hilarious, creative, perfectly puntastic friend who oh so graciously agreed to write my very first guest blog post for POTR. Thanks Robin! In case you aren't familiar with this self-proclaimed "cone-isseur" she's the talented lady behind Yum's the Word(an awesomely ice-cream inspired storytelling show), Yum's The Word Podcast (her latest and greatest), and the maker of some of the best ice cream cakes you'll ever eat. Trust me, I've helped her make these delicious creations and it's a serious process - you can feel the love! 

I first met Robin when I featured her show for CBS Local. After attending this lively and wonderful performance we struck up a conversation and became fast friends. Since then we have traveled to Rhode Island where we kayaked (I survived unscathed), ate ice cream twice a day (duh), and I experienced my first Dave's coffee syrup (it's damn tasty) and had countless fun NYC moments together. I started helping out with live social media for Yum's a few years ago so if you follow us on social media say hello sometime! I've gotten to meet incredible guests like Tim Gunn, Jason Biggs, Jenny Mollen, Christian Finnegan, and many other talented folks because of Robin and I sincerely thank her for that. The storytelling world here in NYC is pretty incredible and I can't wait for you to learn more about it from Robin herself. So, without further ado, heeeeere's Robin!*

*Robin also has a strong tie to one of America's most beloved brands. Find out which one it is below! 




When you’re raised in a Jewish and Catholic family, you’re usually doing one of three things.

1. Eating.

2. Talking about what you’re going to eat.


3. Discussing what you just ate.

So it’s no surprise that I have built a career around two things I love – comedy and food.

The first mashup was my solo show based on the year I spent behind the windshield of the world-famous Wienermobile with my complete opposite. Was it buns of fun? You bet! I had a bunderful time putting my “meat”belt on every day delivering miles of smiles across the country. Frankly, it was truly a job to relish and that’s no bologna. You’re welcome.

So how’d I cut the mustard to get that job? With my creativity and this ballsy move.

📷: Oscar Mayer

📷: Oscar Mayer

The second concoction is my live storytelling series, Yum’s the Word, that features funny true stories, Mad Libs and my homemade ice cream cakes*.

Inspired by my aunt who made ice cream cakes for our birthdays when we were kids, this show is a full creative expression of who I am. An entertainer, a lover of puns (if you find them punbearable, I get it, but fear not, I have discerning “taste”) and a kid at heart.

Case in point, last year I got to drink Zima, play with a Pink Magic Jesus Doll and tickle the ivories with Tim Gunn. And while he fully admits he is not a sweets person, after eating my ice cream cake, he declared, “I feel positively orgasmic.” Day made. ☺

📷: Nolan Conway

📷: Nolan Conway

Now if you’re imagining cakes like Carvel makes (no disrespect to Cookie Puss), think again. This show is all about pure decadence, so things like donuts, brownies, brown sugar-covered bacon and maple ice cream, pound cake and edible glitter are all fair game.

We also like to crowdsource clever ice cream cakes names like “Mint Oreo Speedwagon,” “Chris Christie’s Crushed Pretzeldential Dreams” and more. We even feature stories based on themes that are inspired by ice cream like Rocky Road (Stories of Danger), Chubby Hubby (Married Couples Stories) and my personal favorite, Mister Softee (Awkward Sex Stories).

📷: Nolan Conway

📷: Nolan Conway

So how do I make these mouthwatering masterpieces? With love, patience and little to no items in my freezer at any given time.

And where do I get the ice cream? Either with my Amployee discount at Ample Hills or through my ice cream dealer who I can text at anytime (#humblebrag) because creamy crack ain’t cheap.

So besides food and funny, what’s the cone-ctive (I couldn’t resist) tissue between these two shows? Storytelling. It’s one of my greatest passions. I love sharing the stories from my life like when a national women’s magazine crushed my self-esteem, when I crisscrossed the country in a Lambourghwienie and when I inadvertently cockblocked myself. Welcome to my world.

So are you hungry for more?

📷: Nolan Conway

📷: Nolan Conway

Well, now’s your chance to win two tickets to my next Yum’s the Word show on April 18th! 🎫

Tweet me, DM me on Instagram or post on our Facebook page by 11:59 p.m. EST April 17, 2018 with your favorite ice cream flavor or your favorite condiment on a hot dog. And if you’re vegetarian, vegan, observant or lactose-intolerant*, then tell me how many puns are in this post tout sweet.

And if you can’t make it to this show, sign up for our mailing list or follow us on our ice cream social (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) to hear about future ones where you might just get to be one of our honored birthday guests.

Good luck and I hope you get a piece… of ice cream cake, natch. ☺

*Lactaid pills available at every show. Seriously.