10 Best Winter Beauty Products



I don't know about you but my skin & nails turn against me when the weather drops. Sure, there a few reasons I love winter - drinking melted chocolate multiple times a day is totally acceptable (Max Brenner has even invented a Hug Mug for you to enjoy it in), shaving your legs is potentially optional until spring, and I can hide my holiday weight gain underneath layers of sweaters. But what about when your skin feels like it's screaming for help or your nails keep breaking because they're thirsty for some Vitamin E? Here are a few of my favorite winter products that I stock up on so I don't have to walk around all winter wearing a #skimask.


"Because, duh." - Winter


Body Hero Duo by Glossier ($35)

These are two bottles of luxury right here. I use both products daily and that says a lot coming from a girl who didn't even think to moisturize her entire body until about a minute ago. The oil wash still amazes me every time I step into the shower. It turns into a froth that I want to walk around in all day and randomly hug. #imnotlonely


This rosy scrub is available at Madewell (my favorite winter wardrobe stop) and it exfoliates your lips while leaving them prepped for lipstick and stains. Plus, with ingredients like organic shea butter, coconut oil, mint & rose geranium essential oils, and good old fashioned sugar, you'll want this on your lips all the time. #sugaraddict

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.09.17 PM.png

Called a ''manicure in a bottle,'' this blend of three natural oils and Vitamin E serves double duty as both a nail strengthener and conditioner (as well as a cuticle softener). P.S. I've bitten my nails for a good 30 years and the only thing that saves me is getting a manicure. P.P.S. My nickname used to be "man hands." Another reason to keep your nails shiny and clean. #rawrclaws


I'm a HUGE fan of Malin + Goetz's shampoo + conditioner sets (if you've ever stayed at a W Hotel you've probably seen them in the bathroom). The added Vitamin E and amino acid proteins in this shaving cream help moisturize prep your skin so you don't step out of the shower with razor burn. This is why I avoid shaving in the winter but this might be changing now that I've found this product. #byebyeleghair


Funny enough, I didn't actually like this product very much when I first got it. However, after trying it underneath my makeup, I realized this stuff makes my skin look incredible! Just a few sparkly drops will give your face a dewy (dare I saw Kardashian-like) glow. You really only need a few drops so this stuff will last throughout winter all the way through spring. #callmekarlykardashian


You want me to spray grapes onto my face? Yes. Yes I do. Face mists are my jam. I didn't know about them until I worked at Bare Escentuals but let me tell you, THEY'RE AMAZING! This one from Caudalie is hydrating, fragrance free, and it can be used to help tame flyaways and moisturize your face so your makeup really sticks. If you've got sensitive skin this one is for you. #justdontuseitasmace


Korean-based brand, LANGEIGE, is the s**t. I have their Moisturizing Foam Cleanser and it's not only amazing but it lasts forever. So if all I have to do to revitalize my skin & wake up with a glow is sleep with this gel mask on then I'm doing it. #sorrypillows


Okay, this is a splurge but I'm definitely intrigued. I feel like the Dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding would replace his bottle of Windex with this stuff. One of the main things in this jar is Amla Berry, the most antioxidant rich ingredient in the world. A little scoop of this goop goes a long way to help protect hands, fade age spots and sun damage, smooth the neck area, tame/repair hair, and reduce stretchmarks. #jarofyouth


Warning: You may be tempted to eat this entire jar of lip balm. This caramel-flavored moisturizing lip treatment is addicting plus it gives your lips the perfect velvety sheen. There's plenty of emollient oils too like apricot kernel, black currant seed, and grapeseed oils to help soften your lips. Basically everyone is going to want to kiss you so pucker up. #glazedandready


Okay, I'm going to preface this by saying that I'll probably NEVER need this product because my hair basically looks like I've taken a bath in olive oil on a daily basis, but for folks who suffer from brittle & dry hair during the winter months you should consider this daily pill regime. Kim Kardashian's hair stylist started this company and a supplement might just be the way to go. I'm definitely tempted to try out the OILY pills. It's an investment though as it takes a minimum of 90 days (aka more than $28) to see results. #betterthanoliveoilhair 

credit card time!

just Don't forget the #1 secret weapon to winter beauty...

S L E E P !