Friend of the Week: Michelle Schutt


Michelle Schutt


/mih-sh-EH-l/ /sh-U-t/

1. Marina resident.

2. Will answer to "Kee."

3. Former Social Chair, Current High Chair Owner (occupied by cutie patootie Harper).

4. Real Estate Development Extraordinaire.

What is your full name and nicknames?

Michelle Katherine Schutt, but most call me "Kee" (my maiden name).

How do we know each other?


Good ole UC Davis and KKG! We were in the same pledge class. And we lived together for almost two years after college.


Where are you from?

Sac-town baby!

What's a day in the life of Michelle like?

Get up at 6am and get ready for work, take the two dogs out, make breakfast and lunch for our daughter Harper. Get her up at 7:30 a.m., dressed, teeth brushed. Stuff as much food in her mouth as possible so she's not grumpy. Take her to school. Work, work, work, maybe wander around a construction site or two (I'm a development manager for a real estate company), get home by 5 p.m. to relieve the nanny. Stuff more food into Harper before bath and putting her to bed at 7 p.m. Make dinner, have a glass of wine with Ken while watching some show and passing out by 10 p.m. Exciting :)

What's your greatest attribute?

My optimism. I get it from my mom. It doesn't do any good to always think the worst.

Favorite thing about living in San Francisco?

Walking everywhere. We have five star restaurants just up the street, great bars, shops, events. I also love that Harper's going to grow up with a little bit of street smarts.

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Funniest Mommy moment?

Coming home from Hawaii when Harper was just over a year. We thought we would pop for the upgrade to get more leg room since she would be on our lap. Unfortunately no nap and a long flight equal one cranky baby. And the people around us in business class were not happy about it and I was literally sweating with panic. The nicest flight attendant came over and offered to take Harper for a moment. She ended up keeping her occupied in the back of the plane for a good 45 minutes. Harper came back, happy as could be...clutching a mini bottle of vodka. God bless Alaska airlines and Smirnoff. 

One kind of food and drink for the rest of your life. Go!

Easy, red wine and burritos.

What's something that most people don't know about you?

Well, most people do know it, but I'm half Mexican. I may not be able to tan like the rest of my family but I make a mean salsa!

What's your signature style?

Relaxed. I rarely wear makeup and if i do, it's minimal. If I could wear yoga pants and flip flops every day I would.

Funniest moment with me that you can remember?


So many! You always make me laugh. We had such a good time living at 1825 with Lindsay. Our Union Street Festival parties were epic! I also still remember all the New Year's Day shenanigans at Shanghai Kelly's. You loved pulling a Houdini for some random Thai at the place across the street. The best! Ahh, to be 20-something again.

First bucket list item that comes to mind?

African Safari.

Life Motto?

Go for it. No matter how it ends, it was an experience.

Follow Michelle on all of her SF adventures at @michelleschutt.

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