Broadway Bites

forks up!

Broadway Bites is back in action and that means that hot melted cheese and cold brew coffee flavored doughnuts are just a train trip (or a walk) away. Every Spring, Urbanspace gets all of the best vendors together in Greeley Square for a popup food event that always includes some sort of food craze that you didn't know you wanted until it's in your mouth (I think this year it's a garlic knot sandwich). Stop by La Raclette Chalet for some piping hot Wisconsin cheese and definitely don't miss out on Hai Street Kitchen's Ho-Lee Shrimp Sushi Burrito (shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, Asian slaw, fresh beets, avocado salsa). Mouth drooling yet? Here are a few other highlights from this year's lineup:

Cold Brew Coffee

Doughnut, that is.

πŸ“: The Doughnut Project

πŸ’°: $4

🍩: Pretty dang tasty. Also had a filling surprise. #morenapkinsplease

The Pie Fries Sundae Collab with Daly Pie

πŸ“: Ice & Vice

πŸ’°: $10

🍦: Loved the whipped cream and tamarind coconut jam ice cream. Guava cream cheese fries were a bit dry but good all in one bite. #tartness

Eggplant Parm Sando

These are freaking garlic knots.

πŸ“: Hold My Knots 

πŸ’°:  $4.50

πŸ†: Piping hot garlicky goodness. #passthemarinara

Classic Vegetarian Bing

Layers of Chinese crepes + wontons? Yes, please.

πŸ“: Mr. Bing's

πŸ’°: $10

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³: Beijing style greatness right here. #streetfood

Yella BBQ

Chick'nCone FTW.

πŸ“: Chick'nCone

πŸ’°: $10

πŸ”: This tangy BBQ sauce, crispy chicken, and sweet waffle cone hit the spot. #cluckyeah


The Angry Burger

πŸ“: Stout NYC

πŸ’°: $15

πŸ”: Delish! The addition of crispy onions and "Frank's" hot sauce really made this a winner. Also, the Maytag bleu cheese was off the charts at this Irish nook. #eringoeathere


Broadway bites

open now through July 14th

11 a.m. - 9 p.m.