Beauty Blender 101

Meet Your New BFF.

The Beauty Blender has been around for years.

But for some reason, I'm just now getting on board with this trend. Makeup artists swear by this somewhat unconventional applicator so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Not only did I realize (AFTER A FEW MONTHS) that I was using it wrong - ahem, you have to actually wet the thing - but I have to say I'm now firmly a believer. I finally understand why girls go crazy at Sephora to get their favorite color (for just a whopping $20!). It allows you to use less makeup for an overall better application. 

It's easy to use, travel friendly, and super quick to clean. Plus, you can actually use it to apply ALL of your makeup if you feel like it. Yep, that means eyeshadow and even your lipstick! Here's a video on how I use it for an everyday daytime look.