Friend of the Week: Mud Adler

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madeleine (mud) adler


/M-uhd/ /Ad-lur/

1. A Long Island Native.

2. A woman of the sea who has literally been on pirate watch before.

3. She loves denim. :)

4. She's getting married in less than 30 days!

how do we know each other?

We went around the world together. On a ship!

what's a day in the life of mud adler like?

Without fail my day starts with my cat waking me ten minutes before my alarm goes off. We sneak downstairs and have coffee while the sun rises. I commute to my job in DC. Stay there for about eight hours and get in the line of cars to go home. I do my best to get in a work out (these days that's 20 minutes on the elliptical with zero resistance and zero incline, which I feel pretty good about post hip reconstruction surgery). Andy and I cook dinner and chill out sharing stories from our day. It sounds a little mundane when I write it out here, but compared to my 24-hour days at sea with views of marine life, discovering shipwrecks and dodging storms, I quite like my new routine.

You're getting married in a few weeks (congrats!). What are you most looking forward to? What's been the biggest headache?

Thanks! We met in our mid 30s so I think I'm most excited about all of our family and friends finally meeting each other at the wedding and surrounding events. All the little details to make the big day 'us' has been quite fun, but I truly need a day off every week in this last month to pull things together. And we thought we were an easy-going bride and groom!

what's your greateast attribute?

I like my teeth… I got them at my sister's wedding after the originals were knocked out. On a less vain note I think I'm a compassionate person. 

Favorite part about living in annopolis?

The water!

one kind of food & drink for the rest of your life. Go!

NY Pizza & Champagne.


what's something that most people don't know about you?

I have a fear of walking on wood after I got a 2" splinter cut out of my foot while lifeguarding on Long Island. 

what's your signature style?

Do I have a signature style Carly? Great-fitting jeans, any non-uniform shirt, and flip flops if at all possible. 

funniest moment with me that you can remember?

You karaoking The Rose in a Shanghai club VIP room and we thought the whole room below was listening!

favorite memory from semester at sea?

Meeting you!

most embarrassing moment?

Oh gosh - I embarrass myself all the time and have learned to brush it off. You reminded me this week of the time I was using the elliptical on the ship and we took a roll. My shirt got caught in the moving handle and ripped it right off my boss was the only other person in the gym.  

first bucket list item that comes to mind?


life motto:

I'll get back to you when I figure it out...what's yours?

follow mud on all of her adventures at @mudsky80!