Friend of the Week: Katie Warrener

Katie Warrener


/kAI-tee/ /wAW-ruhn-ner/

1. Wife and mama to two adorable boy kiddos.

2. Part-time Canadian :)

3. Has been known to walk 18 miles in one day (through two cities on most trips)!

4. Montessori-trained teacher & creative mind! 

How do we know each other?

Carly and I met in preschool at Thistleberry.

What's a day in the life of Katie Warrener like? 

I wake up before 5 every morning, usually to my youngest calling for me. After all eating breakfast , packing L's lunch, cleaning up, brushing teeth and getting dressed for the day, we are out the door by 7:40. Drop L off at kindergarten, give a hug and a kiss then off to gym with T. This is my Zen moment. After that, T and I go home, he naps, hopefully, I shower, eat lunch, feed T lunch when he wakes and then we go to pick big brother up. After school the boys and i will go to a park and/ or run errands all before Liam's swimming lessons or other activity. After that, home to play outside some more then bath boys and cook dinner and clean. By 6pm, we're usually eating dinner and talking as a family. Dinner's done,Ii tidy up, also a zen moment, while Mike plays with the boys. 7pm is start to bed time routine. By 7:30 or so, boys are asleep and I collapse in the couch with Mike. I'm usually in bed by 9.


What's your greatest attribute?

My loyalty?  My drive? My love of life?

Favorite thing about living in the Bay Area? 

The best thing about living in the Bay Area is its walkability! I have yet to be anywhere else where I could walk to a nice grocery store, a downtown, a variety of coffee shops, parks, frozen yogurt venues...etc, all from my house! The weather is amazing too, but that's California for ya!  ;)

Funniest moment with me that you can remember?

I know there have been SO many! I unfortunately can't think of specific ones.

One kind of food and drink for the rest of your life, go!

If I could have only one kind of food and one kind of drink for the rest of my life, they would be....Mexican food and some good California Cab., Zin., or maybe Pinot. Such a hard question! May I have water too? I'm feeling parched just thinking about only drinking wine. 

What's something that most people don't know about you?

I am so outspoken, never hold anything back, feel like the whole universe knows me! Also I LOVE food!!!! I seriously think about food ALL of the time. I love to cook it, to eat it, to read about it, to look at pictures of it....I LOVE FOOD!

What's your signature style?

Easy, Athletic,  comfortable clothes  that I can move I can run after my boys!

First bucket list item that comes to mind?

First bucket list item would be to travel with my family I think. I've yet to travel abroad, Canada, although beautiful, doesn't count and would like to with Mike and our boys.

Funniest mommy moment?

Liam is an early riser and would be out of bed every morning at 4am if he could! We got him a clock, multiple clocks to be exact, and told him that he may not be out of his room until his clock read 5:40! So, what did he do? Set his clocks (both of them!) ahead so that they WOULD read 5:40 whenever he came out. Smart guy ;)

Life Motto?

"Live life to the fullest! Smile and enjoy each moment!"