Friend of the Week: Carly Summers


Carly Summers


/kahr-lee/ /suhm-uhrs/

1. The Carly #1 To This Carly #2.

2. San Diego Native & Former New Yorker.

3. One kick ass runner & active beach goer.

4. Most likely to go on an epic adventure with you.

How do we know each other?

We met at Abby's bachelorette party in Puerto Rico and instantly hit it off.  Having the same name, and that is spelled the same, was a bonus!

What's a day in the life of Carly Summers like? 

Early AM workout at the gym or a coastal run. 9 to 5 job.  It really does exist!... maybe only in SoCal... After work, you can find me playing on my soccer or kickball team, recovering from a run at a local brewery with my night running group, or discovering a new watering hole in San Diego with friends.

What's your greatest attribute?


What's your signature style?

Casual chic.  Cute ripped jeans, converse, flowy T, funky sunnies & jewelry.

Favorite thing about living in the San Diego? 

Family.  I can see them whenever I want!

Worst date you've ever been on?

I went to dinner with a guy I met online. He was a foodie, which I loved, and chose a brand new Mexican food restaurant in town, also a big plus! As we were looking through the menu I asked if there was anything he didn’t like to eat so we could avoid it on the menu, and he said he was deathly allergic to AVOCADOS! (Equally dramatic as the HE PERMED ME! scene from Troop Beverly Hills.) Heart. Broken. This is SoCal. I eat avocados on the reg. This is also a Mexican food restaurant. Every item on the menu includes avocado. We did make it to a second date, on which I learned he does not eat food items with bleached flour. Hello, PIZZA, BREAD, CAKE! The End.

one kind of food and drink for the rest of your life. Go!

Chips ‘n salsa and sparkling rosé. 

Funniest moment with me that you can remember? 

The final moment of the bachelorette party in Puerto Rico... the 4am trip to the airport to make our 6am flight back home (worst idea ever). This was hilariously chaotic trying to wrangle 11 girls who hadn’t slept the night before nor packed. Pretty sure there was only 1 vehicle on the entire island that was available to take us to the airport so 11 of us crammed into regular sized van, still drunk from the night’s festivities, and proceeded to crack open left over beers during the trip to keep the party going. Carly P. had some trouble identifying her luggage at curbside, then thought she lost her ID while checking into the flight, and then somehow managed to pick up someone else’s boarding pass from the kiosk, in which she was stopped by security. The icing on the cake was a call from JFK airport a few days later letting Carly P. know they had found her wallet.  LOL.

Most embarrassing moment?

See above.  Not embarrassing, just effing hilarious!

What's something that most people don't know about you?

I was the world’s pickiest eater growing up.  I was terrified of sauce.  I didn’t try pizza or spaghetti until after college.

First bucket list item that comes to mind?

Chill with Snoop Dogg.

Life Motto:

No regrets!

follow carly on all of her fun adventures at @carlysummersb!