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The alarm goes off at 6 a.m.

Because this time you're going to get your butt out of bed and actually go to the gym before work. OK, I admit, most of the time I just pull my covers back over.

But it's always best to get moving and get that blood pumping for at least 30-40 minutes a day. I remember going to hear Cameron Diaz speak about the science of aging (for her book) and how, even if you only have 10 minutes to work out, go hard for 10 minutes and just break a sweat. It's better than doing nothing. JUST GET YOUR BODY MOVING. 

My friend, Sue Fisher, has been moving her body lots over the past few years and has really seen a big difference. Besides the fact that she's lost 30 pounds (and kept it off), she also has more energy to spend with her family, friends, and co-workers. So, I was pretty stoked to learn that she started sharing her tips and tricks to living a healthier lifestyle on her new Fit With Fisher Facebook page. It's a site that helps people find the best version of themselves through fitness, nutrition, inspiration, health and personal development. Here's what Sue has to say about her fitness and weight loss journey as well as how to incorporate small changes into your daily routine in order to live a cleaner life.

How did you come up with Fit with Fisher?

Fit with Fisher came from my love of exercise, clean eating and cooking. I have lost 30 pounds over the last 2.5 years and kept it off successfully so I want to share the tips that worked for me with others to help them obtain their health and fitness goals.

Any workout tips for those who hate the gym?

If you aren't a gym fan, DON'T GO! There are so many other things to do besides slogging it out on a treadmill or elliptical for an hour...BORING! Things like Class Pass can give you the option of trying out different kinds of workouts. The key to seeing a change in your body is to constantly change up your workout routine. HIIT workouts (or high intensity interval training) are a fast and effective way to lose weight and tone up. You don't need to spend more than 30-45 minutes exercising if you are doing it EFFECTIVELY.

Favorite workout brand and why?

My favorite workout gear is NOT expensive; I like Fabletics (Kate Hudson's line), but some of my favorite workout attire has come from Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Forever 21, and Target! Sometimes getting a cute new pair of pants or top can motivate you to get to the gym and show it off!

What are some of your favorite recipes?

Most of my cooking comes from one place: The Skinnytaste Cookbook! The author, Gina Homolka, has two cookbooks (the original skinnytaste and her newest one, Skinnytaste Fast and Slow that has both quick weeknight meal ideas and slow cooker recipes).  Her website has additional recipes and great tips for menu planning. Some of my favorites from the cookbook include the Chicken Enchiladas, the jerk chicken tacos with mango and avocado salsa, and the chicken parmesan. I also use a lot of recipes from Cooking Light and a cookbook called Fixate from Autumn Calabrese.

Follow Skinnytaste on Instagram at @skinnytaste


What's the best advice you can tell someone just starting out on their exercise and healthy living journey?

The best advice I can give to anyone starting a healthy living journey is find an activity that you doesn't need to be an intense cardio workout; it can be going for a walk, doing yoga, going for a bike ride. The idea is to KEEP MOVING. If you are excited about the kind of workout you are going to do, it will make it easier for exercise to become part of your daily routine. Pick a time of day that works for you to do your workout; if you stick with that general time frame, you will be consistent and that is one of the keys to success in fitness. I myself am an early morning person.. crazy as it sounds, I get up at 4:45 to get my workout in before work. I am a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, so have to be at work by 7:30. As hard as it is some mornings to wake up, I know that I will feel more energized for the day if I have done my workout. I have two kids ages 4 and 5, so after work, I want to spend time with my family.

The harder piece for most people is the nutrition. On my Facebook page Fit With Fisher, I am going to share tips on clean eating, recipes, and menu planning. I will be posting shopping lists that will allow you to get your shopping done in a quick and effective manner. I do a big shop once a week, and it has saved our family both time and money by not running to the store every day to "pick up" something for dinner. Also, keep a journal of what you are eating! It makes you much more accountable! I use the app My Fitness Pal. It can scan the barcodes of any food you can buy, and sets up a profile for your individual needs as far as caloric needs for the day.

When it comes to food/drink, what do you like to splurge on? Favorite "cheat day" item?

My philosophy on eating is following the 80/20 rule...80% of the time you are "good" (ie: paying attention to what you are eating) and 20% of the time is allowing yourself to splurge on the things you love most. For me, that would be a glass of Chardonnay and a killer cheese plate! Would be the meal I would take with me on a desert island any day :) I try to save my wine for the weekends in general, but do not resist if going out to dinner with friends during the week.

Best places to workout in SF?

Hands down, the best place to workout in SF is either a run on Chrissy Field looking out at the Golden Gate Bridge or doing the Lyon street steps. An amazing view can make those stairs a lot more tolerable! I also love going to Soul Cycle, but it is a splurge at $32 a class! Personally, what I do every day is exercise at home using Beachbody workouts. I was a gym rat for years, but never saw the results I wanted. After two kids and buying a house, I didn't have the time or finances to join a gym. I saw a friend on Facebook who talked about being a busy mom trying to get back into shape and it clicked for me. I bought my first DVD set called T25 and I proceeded to convert our garage into my "gym". Mounted an old TV on the wall, bought a cheap DVD player on Amazon for $30, and threw some old weights and a mat out there and VOILA; that small space was mine. I followed the workout calendar and nutrition guide included in the package and the weight literally started falling off. Within 6 months, I had lost 15 pounds... by a year 25 pounds and by 18 months a grand total of 30 pounds which I have successfully kept off for the last year. I added in various Beachbody workouts and eventually got the On Demand package, which allows you to stream any workout (literally hundreds to choose from) via your TV, laptop, iPad or phone.

What do you do when you're stressed out? 

My outlets when I am stressed are working out and cooking. Crazy as it sounds, looking through cookbooks and planning meals as well as chopping fruits and veggies has a calming effect on me. Stress and sleep deprivation can have major impacts on your overall health. I try to go to bed by 9-9:30 and avoid looking through my phone while in bed. Stress comes with life and is impossible to avoid, but exercise can help out so much. Grab a friend and go for a walk; fresh air can do wonders for the psyche!

How do you balance it all?

My life is a working mom and wife, my schedule is packed pretty tightly! The way I balance it all is to give myself some "me" time every day. For me, that is the early morning when I go out to the garage and do my workout. By the time I am finished (as most of my workouts are 30-40 minutes), I have time for a cup of coffee before the kids wake up and that is MAGIC! I am a better mom, a better wife, and a better nurse to others when I work out daily. Planning my meals has been a game changer as well as being organized. I lay out my workout clothes the night before, have my water bottle in the fridge, and my lunch packed and ready to take to work. I set my coffee maker so that my precious cup is ready to be poured when I come in from the garage.

Have you applied anything from being a NICU nurse into this new venture?

As a NICU nurse, I have learned that you have to have balance in your life. The environment I work in is fast paced and hectic, so starting the day with exercise means that I come into work feeling energized and ready for whatever is going to greet me at the door.

What do you hope to accomplish with this site/business venture.

I hope to be able to help and inspire others to live their best life. Sharing workout tips, recipes and meal planning is my passion!

Life motto?

My life motto is to KEEP MOVING! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car a little further away, have a dance party with your kids; whatever it is...HAVE FUN!

See? Just like Cameron Diaz.

check out @fitwithfisher for tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle!

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