The Perfect Fall Foundation

my favorite foundation isn't technically a foundation.

It's actually a tinted hydrating gel cream. What the heck does that mean you ask? Well, this little ditty from bareMinerals is actually a CC cream, BB cream, and tinted moisturizer all rolled into one. It's called Complexion Rescue and it's my go-to for light-to-medium coverage. 

This stuff literally blends perfectly into my skin and gives my face a glow while smoothing out any imperfections. I don't like to hide my freckles so I'm glad that this cream still lets them peek out. Plus, there's SPF 30 in there so you don't have to worry about adding on another sunscreen to your makeup routine. 

In fact, I know this product is a winner because I actually got both of my sisters to try it and now they're hooked.  

One trick to a perfect application is using is a flat, angled brush (do not use the brush they recommend - in the photo above - it leaves bristle marks). You want to use a more compact brush. Their Soft Curve Face & Cheek Brush ($32) should do the trick. 

If you'd like to see a quick tutorial on how I use Complexion Rescue, here you go:

If you'd like to see a real tutorial (with someone with perfectly wanded hair), here you go:

Either way, you'll LOVE this stuff. I promise.