Friend of the Week: Jenny Stern

Jenny Stern


/jehn-ee/ /steh-urn/

1. Mother of the most awesome kiddos ever (Ruby & Rocket)

2. Wifey to Dru.

3. Kid at heart - She makes toys at Diggin Active! (Ahem, she started the company b/c she's a bad ass lady)

4. Wild Woman - she once went joy riding through the streets of Palo Alto before she got her license. I thought she was THE COOLEST PERSON ALIVE. (Also, winner of best hair and best dressed).

How do we know each other?

Neighbors since you were a 4 year old pipsqueak. 

What's a day in the life of Jenny Stern like?

Kids wake me up at 6am or earlier, chaos getting out of the house if it's a weekday, go to work at Diggin, rush home to get kids, dinner, kids bath, dishes, fall asleep putting my son Rocket to sleep. If I make it to the couch I lay next to my husband Dru and tell him I wish my teeth were already brushed and fall asleep next to him.  Living the dream. 


What's your greatest attribute? 

I can fall asleep mid sentence. Wait that's not an attribute, it's just a totally awesome life skill. 

Favorite thing about living in Oakland? 

Proximity to everything - family, friends, parks, water, restaurants, SF. Oakland just has the right vibe for me. 


You lip syncing Backstreet Boys or doing any SNL skit. Dancing at Lindsay's wedding. 

one kind of food and drink for the rest of your life Go! 

Dru's cooking and beer. Wine and cheese. Pizza and beer. Ice cream and water. Fresh pasta and wine. Sushi. I love food and drink, could never choose just one. 


Funniest Mommy moment?

They happen everyday but here's one. My daughter Ruby's first camping trip age 3, Rocket 10 months: We stop at ranger gate, ruby rolls down her window and says to ranger,

"Are there bats here? I've never seen bats before. Rocket barfed."

What's something that most people don't know about you?

Your grandfather Pop-up was a great inspiration for me getting started in the toy industry. 

What's your signature style?

T-shirt and jeans. For work meetings, skinny black pants and fun top. 

First bucket list item that comes to mind?

Oregon road trip with my family- bend, sun river, Ashland, tree house hotels, Portland. 



Life Motto:

"So anyhow but ah...."

jenny and dru: Relationship goals. here they are at their wedding in 2008. how cute are they?!