Go Nude: It's Time To Bare It All

I dare you take a nude selfie.

The new Gen Nude Lip Colors from Bare Escentuals makes it easy to go bare this summer. This line of velvety "nude" lipsticks, liners, and glosses (there's even a matte version!) is actually making me want to stay away from color this season. I've never really rocked this look but after discovering this line at Sephora a few weeks ago, I found myself whipping out my credit card and buying three different shades. 

For a simple everyday look, try wearing just the lipstick. For a bit more glam, try adding a buttercream gloss over it, or amp it up with a trendy matte liquid lip color. I'm hoping I can jump onto this matte bandwagon - I tried it and felt like Amy Schumer in her "Girl, You Don't Need Makeup" music video.

Maybe I just tried the wrong shade or I needed to add a lip liner under/over it. I mean, the 90's are back so I guess that's on trend. Here's a quick tutorial for light, medium, and dark skin in case you don't want to end up looking dead. 

Nude Lip for Light Skin:

Nude Lip For Medium Skin:

Nude Lip For Dark Skin:

Now go off & be a nudist this summer!