Sweats & Scents

When summer hits the city I basically turn into a living, walking water fountain. 

Sweat runs down my body like a slip-n-slide. Manicurists laugh at me when I sit down at their table because little beads of sweat immediately form on my knuckles. I continually slide off my subway seat and you might as well call me Elvira because "swampback" is real and wearing black is the only way to combat it hide it.

In order to keep myself from living in a cold running shower, I try to smell as lovely as possible. I've been wearing the same perfume for years (aka Florence by Tocca) and I believe it's time to switch it up. Here are a few fragrances that I'm loving at the moment as well as a few sweat-proof must-haves.



Take a bit of the beach with you this summer with Bobbi Brown's Beach Rollerball. This travel-size scent will make you feel like a Coppertone baby thanks to the blend of jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin. It's never overpowering, like that sunscreen you've been carrying around in your beach bag. 

Another product I never thought I'd use is body oil. But then I found out NARS makes something called Monoi Body Glow II. It is a multipurpose oil that leaves the skin glowing and it is great way to prevent peeling when you've gotten too much sun. Plus, it's made by macerating the tiare flower (or Tahitian gardenia) in refined coconut extract for at least 10 days. So you'll smell pretty heavenly with just a touch of this on your skin.


This shimmering body and hair mist will set you back a few bucks but the scent and effect it has on your hair is worth it. A few spritzes of this stuff and you'll feel like the sugarplum fairy. This fine powder shimmers onto the hair (and body) with an iridescent pink halo. It also gives off a scent of black cherry, almond, Bulgarian rose, liquorice, and smokey black tea. Don't worry, you won't end up looking like you just stepped out of the early 2000's. It's definitely more subtle than throwing a bunch of glitter on your noggin. 

If I could permanently smell like a gardenia I'd be one happy gal. Luckily, I've discovered the Tahitian Gardenia Perfume by Pacifica. This vegan-friendly spray showcases the gardenia bloom which is a symbol of love, unity, grace, and strength. It's sweet and citrusy thanks to its blend of jasmine, sweet orange, and tea leaves. You can also pick up their Hand & Body Lotion Wipes in this exotic scent. They come in packs of 30 paraben-free towelettes and can be used to moisturize and hydrate on-the-go. I love this company because they don't do any animal testing and their packaging is 100% recyclable.


My mom introduced me to Jo Malone years ago but I could never quite justify paying more than $100 for perfume. However, these two colognes are pretty much summer captured in a bottle. I'm addicted to anything that smells like orange so it was no surprise that I was immediately drawn to the Orange Blossom scent - clementine flower, orange blossom, water lily, orris, and balsamic vetiver. Nectarine Blossom & Honey will transport you to a lovely garden thanks to its sweet and playful ingredients - nectarine, peach, cassis, and a touch of acacia honey. Now just watch out for bees!




This translucent powder has been my jam for almost a decade. Dust it on before applying your make up to help absorb any oil along the t-zone or use it to set your foundation. It minimizes lines and pores, takes away those shiny areas, and softens your complexion. I prefer the non-tinted version (I don't recommend the hydrating one because it tends to make people break out). The travel size is a great option to throw into your purse, too.


For those of you who are obsessed with the beautyblender, you'll be happy to know that they've come up with a better way to blot! This amazing washable and reusable sponge is a great alternative to carrying around those overly fragrance blotting papers. It's made with the same beautyblender material so it soaks up any excess oil without disturbing makeup and leaves skin looking and feeling radiant. Plus, two sponges come inside a mirrored compact so all you have to do is throw it in your purse. Use dry. 


When my makeup is done dripping down my face and I look like a melted crayon, I love to use Josie Maran's Bear Naked Wipes. These little suckers erase the day from your face and protect the polar bears' place at the same time. A portion of what you pay for each pack goes to the Natural Resources Defense Council's Polar Bear SOS Initiative. These soothing and hydrating wipes are soaked in skin-balancing Argan Oil along with aloe vera, cucumber extract, and Vitamin E. They're also biodegradable and they leave your skin smelling clean and fresh.