Difficult People: Season 2 Table Read

Raise your hand if you're a fan of Difficult People.

Well, this awesome, boisterous, comical, delightful, engaging, facetious, glorious, hilarious, impatient, Jewish-y, kitschy, ludicrous, maniacal, narcissistic, odd, pretentiously perfect, quirky, real, sassy, tantalizing, unique, vulnerable, witty, xenophobic, Yankee-based, and zippy show is back! Season 2 premieres today on Hulu and I couldn't be more excited to see Billy and Julie take on Manhattan for the 100th time. 

New faces stop by this season including Nathan Lane, Megan Hilty, Rachel Dratch, Method Man, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and many many more. As if I didn't love the show enough, back in May, the entire cast took part in a table read during New York Magazine's Vulture Festival. As an aspiring sitcom writer, this was like being a fly on the wall in the writers' room. I couldn't wait to soak it all up. So, of course, I turned on my voice memo and recorded the entire thing. Executive Producer of the show, Amy Poehler, read all the directions and scene descriptions while special guests Nathan Lane, Megan Hilty, and Shakina Nayfack joined in to read their assigned parts.

Click below to listen to the cast of Difficult People perform a table read from their favorite episode of Season 2.


Andrea Martin blew me away with her wisdom and advice during the Q&A (it immediately follows the table read). As she told an aspiring comedian, "Find out who you are. Go to therapy. Who you are can be your platform. Ask, 'Who am I and what do I want to share about myself?' That can be very powerful. It might not lead to comedy, it might lead to writing, or drama. Don't be shy about finding your truth." AMEN, Andrea Martin. AMEN!*

*For the record, Andrea plays Julie's therapist mom on the show. I think I'd rather go talk to her than my actual therapist. #whatdoesthatmean**

**I also stalked her after the table read while she was talking to Megan Hilty.***

***We have yet to secure an appointment.

"Ruff! Ruff!"

@otis_thebassethound wanted to make sure you knew he was back on @difficultonhulu this season. He'd give you an autograph but he's busy splitting his time between sleeping and trolling craft services. #bassetude #houndlife