Petrone on the Rocks Talk Show: Episode 1 (Cinco de Mayo #TBT)

Let's all pretend it's Cinco de Mayo 2015. That's when this very first episode of POTR was filmed.*

*Thanks old computer for making me believe this video was lost forever.

Brooke Van Poppelen still lived in NYC and Scott Rogowsky was still daydreaming about his childhood babysitter (he was also about to end his season of Running Late with special guest Jon Hamm. JON HAMM, people!). I lured these two knuckleheads to a tiny rocky beach in Brooklyn, where we were later kidnapped by Abby & Ilana (see Scott's t-shirt).

No, actually these two were kind enough to be my inaugural guests, where we chatted about everything from how they got started in comedy to why eating cabbage on the subway is never a good idea. 

So folks, I give you the very first episode of Petrone on the Rocks: The Talk Show. Yes, it's 20 minutes. Yes, I know your attention span is probably like 1/16th of that. But I promise the whole thing is entertaining. Especially when Madonna moonlights as Brooke's babysitter.

Also, it really promotes drinking on the job, which is always a good thing. So watch and learn folks. Because in the wise words of Brooke Van Poppelen:


"I don't need to take care of myself. I don't need to sleep. I don't need to be sober. But I am gonna go to five shows in one night." - BVP

Find out how Brooklynites (specifically Williamsburg folk) celebrated last year.

Hint: It involves this guy. #sampsonthegoldengladiator