Friends of the Week: Olivia & Madison Ammen (O&M Twins)

Olivia Ammen

/uh-LIV-ee-uh/ A-men/

1. Just took her first steps!

2. Speaks fluent O&M humming language.

3. Proud older sister (by 21 minutes).

4. Most likely to open a yoga retreat or surf shop thanks to her laid back style and mellow attitude.

Madison Ammen

/MAD-ih-suhn/ A-men/

1. Formerly known as "Baby B."

2. Speaks fluent O&M humming language.

3. Loves her Nana's Hummus (and mustard!). 

4. Most likely to become a therapist thanks to her keen observational skills and sensitive nature.


You are best friends with our mom! #nextgen

favorite thing about being a twin?

We always have someone next us with a spare paci. #rollin

what's a day in the life of o&m?

Being babies is a tough job. In the morning, we need to wake up in order to get our parents up. Then it's a full day of eat, play, take a nap, play, eat, play, nap, play, eat, eat, play, bedtime. #repeat

what are your greatest attributes?

Cuteness of course. It pretty much gets us anything we want. #allthethings

where do you see yourselves in 5, 10, 20 years?

6 years old. 11 years old. Co-POTUS. #whitehousepals

only eat and drink one thing for the rest of your lives. Go!

We love a deconstructed quesadilla with a side of milk. #duh

what's your secret to being so stylish?

We sneak a look at one of the many Bravo and E! shows our mom watches. Kylie Jenner better watch out! We also are big fans of our Adidas outfits that our Aunties Maura & Carly gave us. (Here we are on Thanksgiving after a long run) #alwaysstretchfirst

funniest moment with me that you can remember?

That time you snuck us into the Frozen on Ice show. Also, when you can never tell us apart! #sillycarly

You just took your first trip on an airplane! what were you most excited about and what's the most important thing you packed?

We were very excited to just hang out in the warm weather. As we mentioned above, with our very busy schedules it's hard to find time to just sit. The most important thing we packed was toys, of course! #nosharing

Life motto?

Keep trying. Ya gotta crawl before you walk#toddlerlife

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