Christina Tosi + Milk Bar = True Love


That's because Christina Tosi just expanded her Milk Bar empire to 8th ave. between 21st & 22nd st. I may live up in Harlem but that won't stop me from taking the C train downtown for a #cerealmilkshake or #corncookie whenever I have a sweet tooth (who am I kidding, I might as well just move down there). Thanks to this new location's walk up window and nostalgic interior, business is already booming.

Milk Bar Chelsea offers this quirky milk truck storefront. There's also a walk-up window for pedestrians.
"This store has a new and improved design. You can order from a window, which I love. It's that time of year when you don't want to go inside and you don't have to (but you still can). It's fun and quirky and has personality to it. We think about that when we create food and the store as well as how you interact with it and experience it as a customer." - C. Tosi

But what does Christina make at home when she's craving something sweet? It really only takes a few ingredients to get her creative juices flowing. 

"When I'm really in a rush or want something I make rifts on Rice Krispie treats. It doesn't have to be sweet . You can use the microwave and peanut butter, nut butter, pistachio oil instead of butter and any kind of cereal you have in the cupboard - it doesn't have to be Rice Krispies. It can be Corn Flakes or Fruit Loops. It can literally be anything that's around."
"For a party on the fly or you for when you don't have time to turn on the oven, I do a combination of things. My favorite is making a big batch of Fruit Loops melted with marshmallows (leave some whole) and adding lime oil. There's so much personality to it and then you can add toasted sesame seeds, coconut, pistachios, dried cherries or cranberries, etc. Basically make your own no bake cookie bar. People love them. They're easy to make, they're gluten free, and depending on your dietary needs, there's a bunch of different things you can make in that space. It's my quick go-to." 
"But I'll also get down and dirty with a complicated pie, milkshakes, or sundaes. I love going into cupboards to see what I can use to build really interesting and clever flavors. Any time spent in the kitchen, even a short amount, just demands a sense of curiosity." - C. Tosi

A truly curious baker herself, Tosi admits that she will go into four bakeries a day just to see what other people are doing. So I had to ask about which (other) cookies she loves eating in NYC. Drum roll please...

Levain's Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie 

Levain's Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookie 

"I will go anywhere for a cookie. There is this Japanese bakery (actually I'm not sure if they do the baking there) but it's called BESFREN. They make this giant chocolate chip cookie that's made with all different kinds of chocolate - some are chocolate chunks, some are chips, Hershey bits. You're thinking 'I don't know. This looks a little crazy.' It's delicious."
"A Levain cookie. It's just very different than the cookie that we make. Anything warm and fudgy in the center in a cookie form? I'll go." - C. Tosi

I bet you're wondering if people fangirl over Christina Tosi on the subway right? Well...

"I have this awesome jean jacket that has my initials embroidered on it and on the back it has Milk Bar Life because I love it. I wasn't thinking. I was doing work and rushing and I get off and get five Twitter alerts saying 'OMG I saw Christina on the subway!,' not realizing that maybe the back of my jean jacket was like a dead giveaway. I thought I was so incognito!" - C. Tosi

[See said denim jacket in action below]

Jumping for JOY over this weather!!! ☀️ And my new favorite jean jacket!! #milkbarlife by way of @madewell1937

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Just when you didn't think CT could get any cooler (I mean just look at that monogrammed Madewell denim jacket) she went ahead and teamed up with the folks from LACTAID to make sure that everyone, no matter what their dietary restrictions, could enjoy a Milk Bar milkshake and sundae.

Watch the video below to find out how to create the very inventive Strawberry Popcorn Shake and Milk Bar Compost Cookie Granola Fudge Sundae at home. (I think you can tell from my immediate reaction that I was not leaving that workspace until every bite of my sundae was gone). #newlactaidfan #foreveramilkbarfan


What's Christina Tosi's Life Motto?

"Everything in moderation." [she laughs]

"Work hard play hard. But often times it's more like work hard then play hard or make work feel like play. Really, everything in moderation. That's really because when you eat too many cookies you're like 'Oh my God, I really need to crush a green juice otherwise I'm gonna die right now.'" - C. Tosi

"With Milk Bar, we have to remind ourselves, even when we push ourselves to grow and grow gracefully, it's the spirit of we're in the business of making people happy. Our day is to make everyone and anyone's life a little bit sweeter. What we do makes people happy and we always revolve around that." - C. Tosi