Friend of the Week: Kevin Jennings

Kevin Jennings

/keh-vihn/ /jeh-ningz/

1. Most fun guy at a party (also probably talking to known celebrity).

2. Mobile product wizard and Tinder expert.  

 3. South Carolinian. 

4. Able to carry #allthewaters while in foreign countries.

How do we know each other?

Carly and I know each other through one of our greatest friends, Abby Tarver Lewis-Evans. 

What's a day in the life of Kevin Jennings like?

A day in the life of Kevin Jennings usually begins with a battle that rivals Clash of the Titans: getting out of bed. After I've successfully wrestled my body and mind from slumber (this doesn't always happen at exactly the same moment), I hit the gym for a bit before heading to the office at Fuzz, a technology product agency in Williamsburg. Most of the day I'm leading our teams to create great apps, websites, and other types of software products for emerging technology. In the evening, things can really vary. Occasionally there is an event, a dinner with friends, a drink or ten, or total isolation with Netflix and a pint of Ben and Jerry's (creating an endless dependency on cardio to continue to fit into pants).   

What's your greatest attribute?

I think my greatest attributes are my perspective and, closely associated, empathy. My ability to see anything in life from many different perspectives other than my own, and empathize with that person, makes me a more valuable human to this earth and people I encounter. 

Favorite thing about living in NYC?

My favorite thing about living in the greatest city on earth goes from superficial to meaningful.  I love saying I live in New York and I love how my address looks with New York, New York at the end of it. I also love the on demand nature of the city so that no matter what I forget about until the very last minute, I can still find a product or service to solve it fairly quickly. I love the talent and spirit of New York which attracts the very best across all industries: from world class chefs, to entertainers, to innovators, to thinkers, and more. 

one kind of food and drink for the rest of your life. Go! 

Tacos and margaritas. I mean, it doesn't exactly fit into my fitness goals but there's a fair chance if some catastrophic event destroyed everything else, my fitness goals would be out the window.  

What's something that most people don't know about you?

I play the violin and piano. These are skills I acquired at a young age thanks to my classic southern upbringing. In my current day-to-day, there are rare opportunities to demonstrate or incorporate these skills. 

What's your signature style?

Gray t-shirt, dark skinny denim, sometimes a blazer. It's sort of a uniform for me. Mark Zuckerberg follows a similar approach because by creating a constant in what you wear, you eliminate the exertion of thought around deciding what to wear and can use that energy to think about something more valuable.  

Funniest moment with me that you can remember?

Carly and I recently joined fifteen other girls in San Juan for Abby's bachelorette party. One of my favorite memories of Carly, aside from the insanely hilarious video she made of clips from the trip, is her insistence on falling asleep on the couch and only requiring a beach towel for a blanket. 

Life Motto:

Forgive quickly. 

Follow Kevin on all of his adventures on Instagram @jenningsforpresident.