Tequila & Mezcal Walk Into A Bar

holy mezcal!

We all know the Aperol Spritz or Tequila Sunrise is a solid summer cocktail choice, but if you're looking for something with a twist, the folks over at Davio's Steakhouse have got you covered. Bar Manager Jenny Schubert shares her tequila and mezcal expertise with POTR by creating two not-so-traditional cocktails that you can easily make at home. I drank both of these delicious drinks and then immediately booked a trip to Tequila, Jalisco.*

*If this also happens to you, please LMK the dates you booked so we can meet up and black out drink together. #lostinmexico

I was so impressed with Jenny's bartending skills and attention to detail that I needed to ask her a few more questions.

What are some unlikely ingredients that actually pair well with tequila?

I love putting an Amaro or Campari with tequila to make a Negroni out of it. But the mezcal and the smokiness of it works really really well with it. 

If you only had 3 ingredients to work with what would you make?

I would make the Negroni. The Mexican. Smoky and sweet.

What's the grossest drink you've had to make?

Bartending in the past and having to make horrible margaritas with sweet and sour mix. I’d like to forget that part of my restaurant career. You can make really good margaritas using the juices and pulp from oranges and limes and straining it.

Any ideas for a new Patron cocktail?

I would just encourage people to drink it on the rocks or neat - just to try it and sip it. I think people are getting more adventurous with tequila especially with all of the Anejos and Extra Anjeos coming out. The Gran Platinums are great for sipping.

Favorite and least favorite drinks to make?

I love making Negronis. I love drinking the Negroni or just tequila. Neat.

Anything that doesn’t involve muddling. I think that’s every bartenders worst nightmare.

Do you have a tattoo of the Patron Tequila bee?


*Jenny informed me of this when I first met her. Now I want one too.