Village Voice #bruncheats: All Aboard!


The answers varied but ultimately I popped an Alka-Selzer and hoped for the best. I'd like to thank Village Voice's 1st Annual Brunch Eats for my sleepless night. BUT IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

In case you missed out on this awesome inaugural event, make sure to mark your calendar's for next year's #bruncheats. Over 20 of NYC's best restaurants and bakeries opened up shop inside one of the city's most iconic landmarks - The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Guests were able to nosh on everything from Praline Bacon French Toast Bread Pudding with Pork Fat Frosting to Pupusa Platters (see why I couldn't sleep now?) while mingling through space shuttles and submarines. There were cocktails, photo booths, and live music to keep everyone moving - otherwise the food comas would have taken over. Of that I'm sure. 

So which bites were worth the calories? Here's my list of standouts:

This Kaiserschmarrn (aka Shredded Pancake) from Edi & Wolf was my favorite dish of the evening. It reminded me of cut up funnel cake and it was topped with apricot & mascarpone cream. This was the first thing I tried and I regret not going back for seconds.*

*This is not real space food.

This Cuban Sandwich from Streets BK came in a close second. It was served with Red Mojo Sauce that I should have smothered it in. The simple ingredients of roasted pork, ham, swiss, and pickles nestled between a fresh sliced baguette was not to be missed.



This brown butter donut with bacon and almonds from Underwest Donuts was pretty stellar. Great way to end the evening. J/K. I ate more.


I took a break midway through stuffing my face to enjoy a cocktail from Eddy's Vodka. The line was long but this adorable brand was smart: They had waitresses (dressed in candy striped dresses) walking around with drink menus so you knew exactly what to order upon arrival. I opted for the greyhound which was perfectly tart and tangy. 


This Mini BLT on a Biscuit was divine. The folks from Butter & Scotch had picnic napkins in hand in case your slice of bacon fell out of their perfectly flaky biscuit (mine fell on the floor for point five seconds, which meant I quickly threw it back in my mouth). I wish this sando was adult-sized. Must go back for more!

I was able to snag a single serving of my favorite ice cream on earth (Haagen Daz's Peanut Butter & Chocolate) to go with my Whispering Angel Rose as well as some quality carbs (aka a feta-stuffed brioche and Nutella croissant) from Breads Bakery before heading out the door. I also shoved an Avocado Toast from Mezetto and the Praline Bacon French Toast Bread Pudding with Pork Fat Frosting from Kingsley into my mouth before heading upstairs to "walk it off."


To learn more about Village Voice Brunch Eats as well as the list of participants click here. #happyeating