Friend of the Week: Nicole Powell

Nicole Powell

/nih-kohl/ /pou-uhl/

1. Retired WNBA Player.

2. Arizona native and current Duck.

3. Hard to find her without her pooch - the adorable and very stylish Pasha.                      

4. If basketball is her #1 love, food is a close second. 

How do we know each other?

We met at this impromptu housewarming for some people moving into my neighborhood—your parents! So we discovered our mutual love not only for them, but also for the city of New York!

Where are you from?

My hometown is Phoenix, AZ—yeah, it’s hot, but it’s all good because it’s a dry heat. 

What's a day in the life of Nicole Powell like? 

Always awakened right on time by Pasha (the best dog ever) who’s ready for breakfast while I’m ready for coffee, and then it’s a work day split in the office and at the gym for practice. One of the perks of being a coach is dressing exactly like I did as a player—in comfy sweats and sneakers. 

What's your greatest attribute?

I’d say that I find humor in most situations and that I never take myself seriously.

Favorite thing about living in Eugene?

Ah! So many things, how do I pare this down? The number of farm-to-table restaurants, my one mile commute to Matthew Knight Arena, the never ending magnificent greenery (I’m from the desert, remember?), and all the lovely people that make up this beautiful community.  

You played for the WNBA, what was your favorite memory playing for the Liberty?

All of the WNBA fans are passionate, but New York fans are like passion on steroids. You always felt their heart and heard their thoughts, but they never wavered in their support of the team. I loved playing for them. 

Favorite place to eat in Palo Alto (Stanford days) and NYC (Liberty Days)?

As your standard student, my favorite midnight runs were to Happy Donuts and Jack in the Box (now home to a Starbucks—gasp!). I got a little more fancified by the time I hit NYC, one of my late-time favorites is Minetta Tavern

If you could only have one kind of food and drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is really, really hard because I LOVE food—all glorious, wonderful forms, types, flavors, textures of food. Is that what you’d call a foodie? If so, I’m that. 

Coffee, black. 

Favorite beauty product?

There’s no leaving the house without my Benefit mascara

What's your signature style?

Kind of in love with my sparkly Golden Goose sneaks—wear them every chance I can get. 

Funniest moment with me (or my parents since we just met :)) that you can remember?

It was a simple moment, but loved how comfortable we all were sitting around the living room in lawn chairs, laughing our butts off—can’t wait for the next party at the Petrone's!

Life Motto:

I have this quote hanging up in my office by Mother Teresa. It’s a bit long, but can be summed up as “Always do your best—anyway.” Basically, that’s my daily goal whatever I’m doing, no matter the obstacles. 

Follow Nicole (and the fabulous Pasha) on Instagram @npowell_gcu.