Meet Trestique: Your New Best Friend


Totally kidding. But really, do try to ignore the large pile of crap on my chair (because it's pretty much always there). But how about that lipstick?! I bet you're wondering, is that Lip Crayon dual ended? Can it give me both a matte & glossy finish? Will it stay shut once I throw it into the tunnel of abyss that is my purse? 


When I discovered treStiQue while researching a story about Gym Essentials for 2016, I couldn't help but freak out over these little magnetic miracles.  Each product is a 2-for-1 makeup stick, whether it be a cream-gel blush and contour brush, a gel-line and baby smudger, or a tinted moisturizer with face blender. There's even a new multipurpose highlight stick with a perfecting sponge that I'm slightly obsessed with (even though let's face it, I have enough of a "glow" to soak up a an entire pouch of blotting papers). I say start out with the Face Essentials Bundle ($85), which includes the tinted face stick, concealer crayon, and blush stick. But if you feel like going for the whole shabang, use the code ESSENTIAL8FAN at checkout to receive 8 products and a FREE Le'Pak makeup bag for $150 (you'll save a total of $81). That's a lotta dough, yo.

Your newest gym buddy & favorite travel partner has arrived. 

Colors used: Florence Fig & Belize Bourdeaux  (Matte Color & Shiny Lip Crayon), Bora Bora Coral (Color & Contour Blush Stick)