Friend of the Week: Maura McCarthy

Maura McCarthy

/mah-ra/ /mc-carth-ee/


1. Global health advocate.

2. Vacation enthusiast.

3. Secretly likes to go by the name "Puma" at Starbucks.

4. Lover of the Jeopardy, cats (especially her best bud Purrman Melville), and comic strips. 


How do we know each other?

We know each other from when dinosaurs ruled the land and the earth was stuck together in a pangaeaic blob.

Where are you from?

Where are any of us really "from," amiright?

What's a day in the life of Maura McCarthy like? 

Coffee type type type coffee talk talk talk soda type type drink drink Lisa Vanderpump.

What's your greatest attribute?

You know this question makes me supes uncomforts.

Favorite thing about living in Seattle?

Plaid is work appropriate.

one kind of food and drink for the rest of your life. Go!

A panoply of burgers and something in the Fresca family.

Favorite beauty product? 

I like Benetint for when I look wan.*

*Carly here. I had to look up what "wan" meant. It means "(of a person's complexion or appearance) pale and giving the impression of illness or exhaustion.

What's your signature style?


Funniest moment with me that you can remember?

I am sure there are many funny moments with you that neither of us remember, and I think we should be thankful for that, but: your missing tooth comes to hiking in flip flops comes to pushing me in front of cars in crosswalks to save yourself comes to mind.

Life Motto:

In the words of the sage Blanche Devereaux: Thank You for Being a Friend.

Follow Maura on Instagram @hashtagmaura.