Friend of the Week: Stephanie J King

Stephanie King

/steh-fuh-nee/ /king/


1. Connoisseur of drive thru car washes.

2. A super hero dreamer. 

3. Hard-core hugger and yogi. 

4. Educator extraordinaire.

Where are you from?

In the land where bohemian values of yesteryear merge with today's tech...San Francisco

What's a day in the life of Stephanie J King like?

My days start off with a series of strategically spaced alarms pre-dawn, with each alarm and the snooze that follows I am increasingly sleepier until I get fed up with my button pushing. I am most awake the 5 minutes before my first alarm, I think I read an article about this once, and it has something to do with SCIENCE. Inevitably I wake and ready myself for my workday.

A very essential part of my morning is my making a strong couple cups of Earl Grey tea, I'm not a big breakfast person, just me and my Earl. If it's a weekday I go to work where I teach 8 and 9 year olds how to be smart, kind (don't be an asshole! I mean "Stop, name your feeling and calm down") and express themselves. I've accumulated so many stories of happenings in my classroom, I really wish there was a monitoring device recording classroom going-ons, kids are hilarious and you can't make up some of the stuff that happens, the human species never fails to entertain.

After work I might go to yoga, go to the market for dinner items or get dinner with a friend. I live near the beach so I try to enjoy that as much as I can, walking, jogging or just taking in the sunset a couple times a week. I keep my evenings pretty calm, catch up with friends, watch a comedy or drama. With my job where I'm up early and have to be "on" for many hours I need the most sleep I can get. I used to be able to stay up really late on days off but after thirty my ability to rage has sadly waned. On days off I try to incorporate croissants, dancing, making art, getting together with my improv gang and making yummy foods as much as possible.  

why is your middle name just the letter "J?" 

I have just a letter for my middle name as I was the first child born to the union of my mother and father, their name's are James and Jennifer hence the J.

What's your greatest attribute?

I am always full of ideas, I think of way too many things that I could actually accomplish myself but it's a gift when I need to think of something outside the box or something that would be just perfect for something. Sometimes my ideas are silly but overall I enjoy thinking of possibilities.

Favorite thing about living in SF?

I do like the fog, I enjoy the moisture and the sense of the world being slightly smaller than it is. I also love the diversity of San Francisco, so many different types of people live here and our neighborhoods reflect that. 

If you could only have one kind of food and drink for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is tough...possibly herb goat cheese w/ cracked pepper crackers and champagne? 

Favorite beauty product?

As you may know about me, I do love my lotions and potions...probably my favorite hair product is Moroccan Oil, it's not sticky, and smooths my hair. I'm also really into my Walnut Face Scrub by Ole Henriksen.

Funniest moment with me that you can remember?

        Stephanie & My Dad Having Deep Talks

        Stephanie & My Dad Having Deep Talks

Hmmm, we had a blast that one time we were trying to figure out how to make wraps and slings during first aid training in High School. AND I can't even remember what it was that we were laughing about so much this last summer in Oregon, maybe the content of the conversations that I have with your dad about dating and partying?

Why is your nickname 2Straws?

I got my nickname 2straws from the time of Becky's wedding...there were a lot of people in one room getting ready and as a result there were a lot of drinks and glasses involved with getting the party started. To differentiate my glass from others I used 2 straws in my cup so when people would ask me which drink was mine I would just reply "2straws!" And the pattern continued through that weekend and more :-)

life motto?

Live a life you would want to write about.

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