Yesterday was NYC Macaron Day.

Which meant I got to eat as many meringues as I could possible handle. I also believed that every cookie was "fat free" since it was a citywide holiday. 

I ate 7.

My friend Amanda and I hit up all the following bakeries (listed from "Oh Oui!" to "Non Merci!"):

Francois Payard

The FP Patisserie near Columbus Circle served up a delicious, melt-in-your-mouth strawberry macaron. Unfortunately I had a minor melt down when I found out they had already sold out of the donut macaron version by 1 p.m. Let's just say I'm not allowed back.

Francois Payard at The Plaza Hotel

Ate another strawberry macaron. Because duh.

Bouchon Bakery at Columbus Circle

People were fighting like that mall scene in Mean Girls for the chance to get their hands on cookies & creme macarons. It was worth the black teeth (don't worry, I didn't get in a fight, the cookie just stained my dentures teeth).

La Maison du Chocolate

The lady behind the counter didn't help us for a good 5 minutes before freaking out and yelling "ONLY TAKE ONE MACARON!" like a crazy person. Take your Xanax lady, I'm not 3 years-old and going to take the entire tray. (Okay, maybe that's not entirely accurate) Their chocolate macaron made up for the fact that the service wasn't great. It tasted like a truffle thanks to its larger filling to meringue ratio. 


Big kudos to this 2nd Avenue hot spot. I got to try a peanut butter macaron that was basically their confectionery version of PB&J. There were even tiny crushed up peanuts along the rim. It tasted as good as it looked.


Eclair Bakery

This adorable Upper East Side shop was brewing up coffee macarons, which I had never tried before. I'd give it a 7 out of 10. The coffee flavor wasn't that compelling but the consistency was definitely good enough for Blair Waldorf. 



Macaron Cafe

This was a disappointment since the cafe was actually offering a variety of flavors and not just one kind. I went for the rose flavor (since my personal Instagram account is called @rightontopofthatrose). It was too chewy, too floral, and too stale. Nice people working behind the counter but that was about it.

Did I mention that all these cookies were FREE?