How To "Throw" A Baseball Themed Party


To say my Dad loves the Dodgers is an understatement. During baseball season, his entire mood revolves around whether or not his team wins. A loyal fan since the Brooklyn Dodger days, he's followed them (and the game of baseball) religiously for more than 60 years. He still remembers who was playing the day of his wedding and he continues to listen to sports talk radio all night long via his coveted non-digital transmitter radio (sorry Mom). It was a no brainer when it came to choosing a theme for his 70th birthday.

Friends and family flew in from near and far so we could toast to the man who's followed the Dodgers the majority of his life. We had the party catered (personally I wanted to only serve miniature baseball food but my family out-voted me on that idea) and had the backyard staged with lighting and surrounded the pool with tables. Although there was an official party planner, I sort of took over (okay, I went a little nuts). But how often does your dad turn 70?

Guests entered by passing the customized DP Field Chalkboard Scoreboard and they could pick up a pair of I Heart DP sunglasses and/or a pack of specialized DP baseball cards (life stats included!) at the door.  But that wasn't all! My dad also LOVES Mariska Hargitay (yes, Olivia Benson from Law & Order). So I did what any child would do: I ordered him a life size cutout of her wearing only a bedsheet and stuck it in the front doorway. *

*Olivia is now a fixture in our house and has even sat at with us at Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed a happy hour or two.

Out back, I had set up a giant glass table with old photos, baseball themed paraphernalia, DP Dodger blue hats, even an old glove from the 1950's.

I definitely wanted something my Dad could always keep as well as something his family could cherish. I ordered these great baseball t-shirts on Etsy that said "Petrone Since (insert birthday)." For example, his said "Petrone since 1944." 

Overall, I wanted everyone to remember this party because my Dad is so memorable. His laugh is infectious and he can sit down with anyone and learn their life story without being annoying. He loves his scotch (if anyone from Macallan's is out there, he'd love to be sponsored). Like seriously. This were the gifts he received that night:

Those red velvet baseball cakepops from Pops and Dots were delish (I ate roughly a dozen). We all passed around some big chew, a few shots, and told stories about the man who's always loved the Dodgers. I couldn't have asked for a better night.