Let's Fold Scarves


You could only get away with this sausage scarf if you were Mario Batali. Like he could walk around Eataly and nobody would even look up from the parm aisle.

But speaking of scarves...


(I always have to say that word just like Romy and Michelle would

I've come across the perfect winter scarf. It's fun, colorful, and will definitely put a smile on your face due to its cheerful plaid pattern. Can you guess which colors?

We're talking pink and orange.

A color combination I never thought I would like yet I'm now sort of obsessed. Not only is it an Italian wool-blend (so soft and warm!) but it's now on sale (from $69.50 to $24.99!). I swear, it's like 500 times better than an Italian sausage scarf. Well, unless you're Mario Batali.*

I know what you're thinking. Now that spring is just around the corner, do I even need to wear a scarf? Yes! Lightweight scarves are the best because they add a little more life to what otherwise could be a boring outfit.

Side note: Back in college, I once bought a piece of fabric from American Apparel (NEVER SHOP THERE) that can be worn a million different ways - one way being a scarf and one being as a dress. Yes, for some reason I thought "one day" I'd just wrap this tiny piece of blue fabric around my body like saran wrap and rock a "dress" down the streets of family-friendly Davis, CA. I'm afraid to check their website because I feel like they still sell what's now probably named some sort of "Hipster Scarf" and worn by 13 year-olds on Bedford St.

Scarves not your jam? Try a fun kimono or hat to add some flare to your spring outfit. Here are some of my favorites:

*I promise not all my #fashionfinds will be from JCrew. I just fell in love with their winter gear this year. Plus, I really want to bring back #catalogordering.