It Was Love At First Mini Bread Loaf


I met a mini bread loaf at Blue Fin. If you’re not familiar with Blue Fin, it’s the newly renovated restaurant located inside the W Hotel Times Square. My friend was running late so when the waiter served me this adorable, warm, miniature loaf of bread I didn’t know what to do. Do I pet it and tell it how much I love it? Do I give it a new home in my purse? Do I eat the whole thing and have it taken away before my friend arrives so I don’t have to share it with her? The loaf’s partner in crime, a tiny scoop of olive oil and sea salted butter, was also on the plate. This made my second plan of attack a little harder to pursue (hello, grease stains) but it did cross my mind. I thought I’d go for option number three but then my friend arrived. I cried a little on the inside and dejectedly told her about the half loaf of tiny bread beside her. She shrugged it off like it was nothing. Does this adorable bread not have feelings? (No) Did I feel for this loaf? (Yes). My friend almost disregarded it entirely until I told her how delicious it was. She seemed to be more a fan of the butter (which was delish but not quite as adorable as the baby loaf).

Then I met a cocktail called Smoke & Ash.

It immediately filled me with excitement - like when you meet eyes with that cute guy at the bar for a second too long. The mixture of Nuestra Solidad Mezcal and hibiscus merged perfectly with the coating of black salt (that I may have nibbled on throughout the meal). Refreshingly tart yet smokey at the same time, I knew we’d be together a while. Well, until that awkward break up mid-dinner.

But every girl knows you have to flirt a little to get what you want. I found the perfect rose to keep me occupied while my friend and I noshed on some seriously delicious Shishito Peppers with bonito, togarashi, and sesame.

I was still thinking about my mini loaf of bread when the waiter presented us with Rock Shrimp Wontons in a chile-soy broth and Charred Tender Spanish Octopus with smoked paprika, olive oil potatoes, and romesco. Both were quite tasty. By the time our entrees arrived, I was pretty full but I did want to steal a bite of my friend’s Halibut with jumbo lump crabmeat, lemon herb gnocchi, and roasted squash order. (Okay, so maybe I woke up with it in my fridge.)

My Roasted Diver Scallops with slow braised short ribs, celery root puree, and port wine jus weren’t the star of the night but definitely an interesting combination of flavors. I think we both know who the real star was that evening: the mini bread loaf.

Side note: There was also a waitress there named Carly. It made for an interesting evening. Mainly because I started serving perfect strangers their meals. I made some good tips though.

Blue Fin

1567 Broadway



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