Hold The Fries! Order The Caesar.

All Hail Kale Caesar!

Living in New York City,  I know a thing or two about walking past fast food joints (multiple times a day) and itching to order just one small McDonald's french fry. Heck, I can even get it delivered straight to my front door. (Thanks Postmates!)

This poses two major problems :

1) I could technically never leave my apartment and consume everything from juicy Shake Shack burgers to monstrous Chipotle burritos


2) See reason #1.

So when I discovered Harlem Shake was located just blocks away from my apartment, my first thought was "The delivery guy and I are going to become fast friends." I'm not going to lie - their delivery guy and I are definitely on a first name basis - but that's because I actually found the dish that isn't fried, battered, or dunked in butter. Their Kale & Chickpea Caesar (pictured above) is made up of just those three ingredients (kale, chickpeas, and Caesar salad dressing) and it's utterly delicious. If you're really counting your calories, ask for the dressing on the side and do the fork dipping dance we all pretend we love so much.*

So if you're looking for an alternative to your usual caesar salad, try kale, chickpeas, and the caesar dressing of your choice. It's a fresh take on the classic caesar with a little extra protein added in and definitely lots more flavor.

*If you're like me, dressing is meant to be mixed in. Otherwise the lettuce/kale/spinach is sad and probably mad at you. I'd rather have good salad karma.

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