Dear JCrew


Dear JCrew,

I never wanted to spend more than $150 on a winter coat…but you’ve changed my mind. Upon landing at JFK on January 4th, you could say I was crying with happiness as I slipped on my brand new Christmas present (the Chateau Parka in Stadium Cloth) and immediately felt a warm hug surround my body. As the wind whipped across my face and my watery eyes dropped frozen icicles down my face, your coat was the only solace I felt from the below freezing elements that I had to endure while waiting for my taxi. I felt bad for my lower legs, feet, and hands who weren’t able to feel the warmth provided to me by your amazing jacket. If you do end up making a Chateau Park Onesie (including hand coverings) please let me be the first person you contact. I’ll buy one – who am I kidding – I’ll buy 3 (one for every month of winter) because it’s changed my life forever.

Yes, this coat costs $365. (It’s worth saving up for!)

Yes, this coat is as adorable as a lollipop.

Yes, the fur is faux.

No, I will never skimp on paying for a truly wonderful winter coat ever again. Because I will own this one forever.

Love your latest loyal fan,

xoxo Carly Petrone

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