Rossopomodoro: Carbo Loading At Its Best

I had to take a minute to enjoy the rainstorm of parmesan that was fluttering over my bolognese. 

I let the waiter at Rossopomodoro sprinkle my favorite cheese over a beautiful plate of pasta for a solid minute before my fork even began hovering over this hearty dish. I think the waitstaff appreciated a girl who wasn't afraid of some extra cheese. #bringmethewheel

This bustling Italian hot spot, located in the West Village, was especially hopping the evening my friend and I dined there. It was the night before the New York City Marathon, so lets just say there was a lot of carbo-loading going on around us. Although not participants, we gladly shared in the enthusiasm by indulging in pasta, bread, and dessert. We even snuck in a starter of Tonno Scottato - barely seared fresh tuna, avocado, and red onion, dressed in a tart vinaigrette. I could have ordered another had three other courses not been on the agenda. 

We finished off the evening with their Affogato Al Caffe. For those unfamiliar, this is the mecca of all caffeinated desserts. A scoop of vanilla gelato/ice cream basically takes a bath in Neapolitan Espresso and is topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Since piping hot espresso is poured over the ice cream, it's a great dessert to eat at a rapid pace. There's definitely no "three bite rule" when it comes to this Italian staple. As my mother would say, "it's heaven," (the official Nance seal of approval).   

I think many of the marathoners figured we were running the next day since we didn't leave a scrap on our plates. Little did they know, we were carbo loading for a night out. Okay, that's not true. I instantly retreated into my happy food coma and slept ten hours, waking up in a panic that I had missed the marathon. To cheer on the runners, with a Bloody Mary in hand, that is. #dontjudgeme 



118 Greenwich Ave.

New York, NY 10011


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