Hey Catalano, This Makeup Is For You

Raise your hand if you throw a party every time fall rolls around?  

No? Just me? I don't know about you but once the pumpkin patches start to pop up, I want to wrap myself up in scarves* and face plant into all of the rich colors of the season. Bright orange blush? Hell yes! Rich brick-colored lipsticks? Of course! Peachy and earth-toned eyeshadows? You betcha! Basically, I want to look like Angela Chase from September through December.

*I should mention that I have a slight obsession with scarves - if it was socially acceptable to wrap myself up up like a mummy and call it an outfit, I'd be the first person hobbling/rolling down the street. I know what you're thinking, I must be a scarf-wrapping genius. Nope. I watch that same damn Youtube video every year - you know, the one where some tiny woman shows you how to wear a scarf 25 different ways - except I always end up looking like a football player while said tiny-perfect-scarf-lady continues to look like a dainty flower. 

When I'm not engulfed in a scarf/poncho/wrap (okay, who am I kidding, even when I am), I like my makeup palette to reflect the autumn season. Here are a few of my favorite products that pair perfectly with a pumpkin spice latte, a gingerbread cookie, and a side of leaves:

NARS Blush in Exhibit A -$30

Maybe I'm colorblind but this technically "matte red blush" looks extremely orange to me. I walked into a department store and it jumped out at me. I thought I might look like a clown but it was the perfect shade for fall/winter. It gives a little bit of a flushed look when applied lightly. Warning: this shizz is highly pigmented so no need to pile it on (unless you want to look like a clown).




NARS Blush in Dolce Vita - $30

This color is the perfect dusty rose (and Angela Chase approved!*), a hue that can easily go from day to night with a bit more application. 

*Okay, not really but doesn't it just scream "this is the perfect color to go with my new flannel" kind of shade?

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Bacca - $24

Go old school and throw a Stila lip gloss into your bag. Actually, this is technically an all day liquid lipstick, so it won't budge. Try it in this beautiful Bacca hue - a rich wine color that is great for the upcoming holiday season (and beyond). For some reason, this is only available at Ulta stores. If you don't live near an Ulta, or you have no idea what Ulta is, then you can try one of Stila's Lip Glazes from Sephora. These have been around for decades (my sister used to pile this on on our way to high school) and they come in tons of shades. Plus, you know Angela was all about some Stila back in the day. #wheresjordancatalano #smoochready

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 9.38.20 PM.png

nars lip gloss in dolce vita - $26

I love Dolce Vita so much that I switch between using it as a blush and a lip gloss. This lip color version is hydrating and super long lasting -sometimes I put a few dots on my cheeks and rub it in for a flirty flushed look when I'm out of blush. I believe we know who is the queen of this look - yep, Angela Chase.

make up forever artist shadow eyeshadow in M844 burgundy (matte) - $21

Warning: Pretty much everything Make Up Forever makes is highly pigmented (so a little goes a long way). This stark burgundy eyeshadow goes on matte and definitely makes lighter-colored eyes pop. 

mac Eye Shadow in haux ($16)

If you want a great everyday all over lid color then opt for this gorgeous neutral plum hue. It's a great shadow to sweep across your lid or use as a base for a deeper smokey eye. The satin finish makes it easy to apply and blend into other colors.

(Rayanne and Rickie would definitely approve)

OPI Washington DC Collection

Whether you're a fan of Olivia Pope or not, this politically-inspired nail polish collection is on point. I'm currently in love with Pale to the Chief (a scandalous nude), We the Female (garnet), and Stay Off The Lawn! (deep green). Of course, you can always match your favorite little pumpkin with Yank My Doodle.

See you in the leaves!